Packers just left…

They’ve been here for about 6.5 hours, packing up all our stuff.  We’re throwing a good load of things away, but still, it’s amazing how much shit we’ve accumulated over the years.  The movers will be here tomorrow– a large crowd of them, actually– to load up everything.  Hopefully, we’ll be done cleaning early on Friday and can, perhaps, start working our way out of here a little early.  That would be nice.  We wouldn’t have to spend so much time on the road each day if we could manage to get out of here Friday instead of Saturday…

Of course, it all depends on how shitty I feel when we’re done with everything.  Last time we moved, I was utterly exhausted once we were done packing and cleaning.  I needed a night of rest before the drive.  But then, that was only six hours from here.  This drive will take days and I imagine it will be nice to take our time a bit if we can.  After all, I have never been to Louisiana.

We’re doing pretty well with things, though…  I think we may be able to swing a slightly early exit.  This, even though Bill’s bosses at Fort Bragg keep making him come in for more out-processing bullshit.  He’s going to be out of the house for most of tomorrow, just as he was today.  That will leave me to deal with the movers.


The scene at my house tonight.


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