A new passport…

Not for me.  For Bill.  Yesterday, was his first day of work and he was immediately sent to get an official passport.  That means he will probably get to travel for his new job.  Given that he will be working with officers from Central and South America, that may mean getting to go to some interesting places.  If he does… I hope he takes me with him.  If I can’t be as close to Europe, maybe I can see some interesting places in the Americas I’ve never seen before.

I don’t have any exciting travel planned right now.  This move has been quite an undertaking and has actually resulted in travel… not the fun kind.  My mom wants me to visit Virginia for Thanksgiving and under the circumstances, I’m not sure we can swing it.  If I plan another trip and tell her about it, I will likely catch hell.

But I can dream.  I’m still looking for our next adventure.


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