Settling in…

We’re mostly unpacked.  There are still a few more boxes to unload and pictures to hang, but by and large, the moving process is winding down.  I even made an appointment with a new dentist to take care of the loose filling I discovered on our road trip.

Bill was telling me that guys in his office have dealings in El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Brazil.  Everybody speaks Spanish, which means he will need to brush up on his language skills.  Now that we’re settling in, it’s time to figure out when, how, and where we will go on our next big trip.  With any luck, it won’t be to southeastern Virginia.

Seriously… I checked the flights to where my parents live, and it would cost a bundle to get there in November.  The cheapest tickets are about $1400 for two of us.  $1400 for a guaranteed stressful “vacation”.

I swear I’d rather go to France… or Costa Rica…


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