Three Labor Days ago…

Bill and I usually go somewhere for Labor Day.  Back in 2007, we were about to move to Germany, so we visited San Antonio to see his mom.  We were strictly tourists on that trip and did touristy things, like visit Sea World (which then was giving military folks free admission).  In 2008, we went to Brussels, Belgium and had a fantastic time swilling beer and seeing the sights.  In 2009, we went to Budapest, Hungary.  And in 2010, we went to Key West, Florida.

It was my first time in Florida outside of an airport.  We flew from Atlanta to Miami and rented a cherry red Ford Mustang convertible, which we then drove on the Florida Keys.  We stayed in a cute little B&B and visited art galleries.  We had a dinner cruise on the Dream Chaser, which I understand has since relocated and visited a butterfly conservatory and Hemingway’s house.  We also went to Margaritaville, which was singularly unimpressive.  Probably my favorite memory from that trip was our visit to a gay bar, where there was cheap beer and karaoke.

This thing reminded me a lot of Mannekin Pis in Brussels.  People crowded around it the same way. 

Bill enjoying a lovely dinner cruise on a catamaran.

Beautiful Key West sunset…

Right after we passed the iconic Sloppy Joe’s Bar, we ran into a homeless guy…


The homeless guy we ran into was wearing a paper crown on his head.  He had a deep tan and wore nothing but a pair of shorts.  He had a cardboard sign that said “Dirty jokes $1”.  I bit, so he told me two dirty jokes for a dollar… and they really were very dirty!

I just realized that around that same time, we saw art by Borowski that we had purchased in Poland being sold in a Key West art gallery.  The chameleon that I bought was going for over twice what I paid for it.  If you read this blog, you might remember that in July, Bill and I found another Borowski piece for sale in San Antonio right after we ran into a homeless guy who dropped the n bomb on Bill because he didn’t need his guide services.  What is it with homeless guys and Borowski art?

Dream Chaser catamaran

Hemingway’s House


The Dream Chaser dinner cruise was really fun.  It was Bill and me and another couple…. The guy was in the Air Force and his girlfriend was studying to be an oral surgeon.  He was going to propose to her that night, but I think he decided to do it later.  We had dinner and hung out… The couple that ran the cruise were super laid back and fun.  I understand now they are on the west side of Florida…

We drove back to Miami and spent a night at the Epic, but we didn’t enjoy Miami properly.  Bill has to go there in a couple of weeks on business.  I would love to go back to Key West, though.  What a great place… military friendly and gay friendly all at the same time!

I don’t remember what we did for Labor Day in 2011, but we did go to Myrtle Beach last year.  With Bill’s military career ending soon, our Labor Day trips may come to an end.  Or maybe not.  It’s hard not to be nervous about the future, though.

One of many residents in the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West…


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