Guatemalan rum… and other boozy delights…

One of the perks of my husband’s job is that he gets to travel a lot.  So do his colleagues.  Bill’s co-workers tend to be pretty liberal with sharing things they pick up when they go TDY.  Yesterday, one guy brought a bottle of 23 year old Guatemalan rum.  He was going to give it to a friend, but the friend wasn’t at work.  He had another bottle at home, so he offered to sell it to Bill.

This bottle was full yesterday.  We enjoyed some of it on the porch last night.  It was actually pretty nice outside.  There was a lovely breeze.

The label…

23 years old!


This rum was very smooth.  In fact, it was probably the smoothest rum I have ever tasted.  Unfortunately, it also wasn’t very interesting.  It had kind of a minty flavor, but not a lot of body of depth.  It doesn’t quite hold a candle to El Dorado, which is my favorite rum.  I discovered Guyanese El Dorado rum in Bequia during my second SeaDream cruise.

Bill has another former co-worker who used to bring us brandy from Moldova, because that is where his wife was born and raised.  I was interested because I lived in Armenia and Armenia has some outstanding brandies.  I found the Moldovan brandy less impressive than Armenian brandy, but it was still pretty good.

We have also visited a beer spa in the Czech Republic, followed by a trip through the Pilsner Urquell brewery museum.   And we had a very enjoyable trip through Vinopolis in London…  Last year, we went to Scotland and learned all about Scotch, including tours of a couple of distilleries and the Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh.

Hmmph… we probably ought to take up some sports, lest we pickle ourselves.  Anyway, we liked the rum from Guatemala.  Makes me think we should take a trip there, though in all honesty, I am even more interested in Costa Rica.  Bill’s job may have him visiting there this year.


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