Back to Lockhart…

We visited my cousin’s house in Lockhart again yesterday, because both of his daughters are pregnant and will be giving birth within weeks of each other.  Yesterday’s event was a baby shower for Andy’s younger daughter.  We took Zane and Arran with us and they had a blast running around Andy’s big yard.

Bill and I had a great time.  It was fun catching up with family and friends and it was even more fun watching Zane and Arran book it around their big yard.  Zane was able to run full throttle for the first time in awhile.  The dogs got along fine with the other dogs in attendance and with the folks who were there to help celebrate.  My cousin’s older daughter was especially charmed by the hounds.  She commented on how thin they are– they aren’t thin, really… they just aren’t fat.

I could get used to living in a place like Lockhart.  It’s a small, quiet town with a charming downtown area and plenty of space.  I know I used to complain about Sanford, but I do miss country living.  I love space and privacy…

Maybe we can get back to that soon.


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