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Yesterday, Bill asked me what I wanted for dinner.  I said I wanted to go downtown.  So we went to Sam’s Burger Joint, which is near the Pearl Complex close to downtown San Antonio.  I had read about this place on a very entertaining blog written by a group of folks in search of the perfect burger joint in San Antonio.  The burger bloggers didn’t really give it high marks, but I was intrigued by it, especially since Sam’s Burger Joint is also a local music venue.

Bill and I got there at around 6:00, ordered our sandwiches and fries, and then got a couple of draft beers.  Shiner Oktoberfest was selling for $3 as was Bud.  I don’t drink Bud anymore, but was curious about the Shiner, which is a Texas brew.

The place has an interesting decor… lots of concert posters, license plates, and beer lights…  It looks a bit like a grungy, greasy spoon.  You can also eat outside where there was a live musician playing last night.


Obamacare, here I come!  The cheese on that burger was actually falling off when I picked up this sandwich, which I cut in quarters.

The beer list.



After we ate, we walked around the quieter end of the Riverwalk.  There was a free concert going on and the guy who was playing was pretty good…

An old beer relic…

Culinary Institute of America campus in San Antonio.


Nice shot near the Pearl Brewery Complex.


This was near where the guy was having his concert.  As we passed this area, a young guy ran past us.  He had a pudgy looking bulldog trailing him, the leash flopping along.  A few minutes later, we somehow passed this same duo, only they were now walking and panting.

A grotto…

We almost missed the face…

Fishes near the San Antonio Art Museum…


We had a nice time and got home by 8:30.  I took a very quick dip in the pool and then we listened to some music and went to bed…  It was a pleasant evening.

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