A trip to Chester’s Hamburger Company…

One of these days, we WILL go on another real trip.  For now, I have to be content with getting to know Texas, a state with which I previously had no experience.  I had been reading the San Antonio Burger Blog, which had a post on Chester’s Hamburger Company.  This chain restaurant is apparently a local favorite here in San Antonio.  Indeed, there’s a big sign out in front of the Universal City location that announces their burgers as the best in the state and in town…  Seems to me that if the burgers are the best in the state, that would automatically make them the best in town. Oddly, Chester’s doesn’t seem to have a Web site.  Their signage is pretty dated looking.  I see it and it sort of screams 1980s to me… but for me, that’s not a bad thing.  I love the 80s.

Right next door is a McDonald’s, complete with huge golden arches.

The inside is pretty much like all the other burger joints… lots of license plates, beer signs, and other bits of Americana.  The inside of this restaurant was also decorated for Halloween.  I liked the lighting, because it wasn’t very bright.  Large flatscreen TVs were on the walls showing football while rock music from the 60s played on the sound system.

Bill’s BIG iced tea.

There was a very impressive beer selection, including Belgian and German brews.  We were impressed because they were reasonably priced, though we chose to go non alcoholic on this trip.  Wine is also available.

The queue line was kind of full at one point…

Supposedly the shakes and malts are delicious… I think it would have been more than I could handle.

Another shot of the beer cooler.

Order up!  Bill got fries while I got onion rings.  I don’t usually get onion rings, but had heard Chester’s fries were “limp and greasy”.  They kind of were, but I don’t mind that so much.  The onion rings were sweet and crunchy.  We had leftovers.

Bill and I both got cheeseburgers.  The poppy seed buns are unique and tasty.  Prices are reasonable.  A regular cheeseburger costs $5.49 while a double costs $7.29.  We both got singles and they were plenty for us.

A shot of the inside…  It was very tasty.  Don’t know that it was the best I’ve ever had, but it was definitely good and hit the spot.  I would go back again.  Chester’s also has chili and a fish and chips basket.  The lady sitting nearest to me had chili.  It smelled good.  You can get it on your burger as well.

Another shot of that silly sign…


All in all, I think our visit to Chester’s Hamburger Company was a success.  It was a nice little outing on a beautiful Sunday.  Now, it’s time for beer.


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