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Flashback to Washington State…

The very first trip I took with Bill that didn’t involve visiting family was in September 2005.  We decided to take a trip and I asked Bill to make it a surprise.  I told him to plan everything…  It was right after Hurricane Katrina hit and Bill was working his ass off at the National Guard Bureau in the DC area.  We were afraid he’d have to work after that huge hurricane hit, but fortunately we were still able to take that vacation.

Of course, I ended up figuring out where we were going…  But I have to give Bill props, because we went to Anacortes, Washington for three nights and stayed at a first class, beautiful B&B called the Heron House Suites.  It was on Fidalgo Island, right on the water, and just freakin’ beautiful.  We drove all over Whidbey Island and walked around Coupeville and Langley, then stopped for a wine tasting at Greenbank Farm, where they were selling loganberry wine.

While we were in Anacortes, Epinions.com was having a Meet and Greet in Seattle.  Although Bill had wanted to go to Victoria, B.C., I wanted to meet some Epinions members from the west coast.  So we went to the Meet and Greet and actually had a pretty good time.  We were pretty jetlagged, though.

I wish I’d had a camera when we went on our all too brief trip out west.  I would have loved to have taken photos of the B&B and Deception Pass… and all the beautiful things we saw.  We stayed a night at the Alexis Hotel and ate dinner at Brasa in Seattle…  Sadly, it looks like Brasa closed, as did the Heron Suites…  I think the lady who ran it when we visited sold it and the new owners weren’t able to make a go of it.  Too bad… that place was spectacular!  I was so sad that we could only afford four nights away.

I would like to take another trip west.  Actually, I’d like to visit California or Oregon… never been to either place.  But I’d also love to go back to Washington… and if Bill doesn’t get a great job after he retires, it may be most prudent to visit the west coast and get to know more of America.

Now that we’re in Texas, maybe it’s time we visited parts of the USA I’ve never seen before.


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  1. It is so gorgeous there. I like the weather, too. Bill got to live there for awhile when he was married to his ex wife, but they were in Yakima, Washington. That's where younger ex daughter was born.

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