Dallas or Austin?

Last night, I was sitting here thinking about which Texas city I’d like to explore over a weekend.  I am really not very familiar at all with Texas and am not sure how I like living here.  So I asked my Facebook friends if I should visit Austin or Dallas (and one person suggested Houston).  Overwhelmingly, the vote was for Austin.  Bill and I did visit Austin over the summer, but we didn’t really do anything there.  We just drove around and looked at the place… it was too hot and sultry to get out and find what makes the city so popular.

Austin is not at all far from San Antonio.  Dallas, on the other hand, is a bit of a hike.  One of my friends described Dallas as “high falutin'”… kind of a junior league sort of place.  It sounds like it doesn’t have a lot of character, yet a lot of people live there because there are jobs there and that’s where the Cowboys have a big stadium.

Bill went to high school in Houston and that’s where he met his horrible ex wife.  He says it’s a big, booming city… hot and humid in the summer.  I have never really been there, though I have driven through it as we made our way to San Antonio.  I imagine we will get there at some point, since Bill has family there… so do I, now that I think about it.

So anyway, Austin is probably more my kind of place than Dallas is.  It has many brewpubs, great restaurants, music venues, and weird people.  I can get onboard with any city with the slogan “Keep Austin Weird”.  Maybe we’ll get there soon for a much needed break from San Antonio.  I am in need of some travel so I’ll have something new to write about.


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