WestJet proves that flying can bring rewards!

This morning, a Facebook friend posted this video:

Canada’s WestJet Airlines delivered a Christmas miracle to 250 people flying to Calgary when they put a big box in the airport, allowing passengers to talk to Santa before boarding.  Santa, curiously dressed in blue, asked each passenger what they wanted for Christmas.  People were pretty honest.  One guy asked for socks and underwear.  A married couple asked for a big TV.  Someone else asked for an Android.  They boarded their flights, apparently thinking nothing of their chat with Santa.

Then, once they got to the baggage hall, they waited for their luggage… and that’s where there was a miracle waiting for them.  Folks, I watched this video and was all choked up by the end.  Yes, I know it was a public relations stunt preying on peoples’ love of material things, but just the delighted looks of surprise on the passengers’ faces was enough to swell my heart.  You hear so much about how awful air travel is in these post 9/11 days.  What a treat it is to hear about something awesome happening!  And it really looked to me like the employees at WestJet who made this happen enjoyed it as much as the passengers enjoyed receiving their surprise gifts!

Now, the cynic in me hopes that no one complained that they didn’t get exactly what they wanted… or no one decides to sue because they had an accident or something, trying to get their haul out of the airport!  I know one couple got a 50 inch TV and if they drive a little Mini Cooper, like I do, it might be a challenge getting that thing home!  But I’m sure the WestJet folks thought of that and offered people the ability to ship stuff if they needed to.

Anyway, kudos to WestJet for pulling this off!  Now I want to go to Canada!


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