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I’m a little freaked out about the cold weather in the east.  And I have never been out west, really… unless you could the trip to Washington State we took in 2005.  It would be fun to go to California and it would be fun to go to Hawaii.  I could probably pack lighter, too.  

On the other hand, I like Europe better than the United States.  Later today, I’m hoping we’ll have more of an idea of where we should go to start our adventure.  Hopefully plane tickets won’t be too outrageously expensive if we end up not flying out of Lackland.

A friend of mine suggests we try to get to Dover Air Force Base, since we’d end up on a C17.  Those planes are pretty bare bones, but they are a lot more comfortable than regular planes are.  Instead of being stuffed in a row of seats, you get to sit along the side and once the plane is in the air, you can lie on the floor if you want to.  Better yet, those planes are usually staffed by hot young airmen.

These are photos from our last hop in May 2012.  The last photo was taken in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, where we stopped to refuel.

It was pretty frigid there, even though it was late May.  My parents lived in Newfoundland in the early 60s.  One of my sisters was born there.  My mom used to tell me stories of people driving their cars across frozen bodies of water.

As luck would have it, I bought a knife from Williams-Sonoma in early December and it’s just now being sent to me.  It will get here after we’re gone.  With any luck, no one will steal it.

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