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We’re flying to Baltimore tomorrow for a number of reasons.  First off, there are flights to Azores and Germany on Saturday that we stand a good chance of getting manifested on.  Secondly, flying to Baltimore is more practical, since it doesn’t involve having to rent a car to drive to a military base.  We will get there tomorrow night, crash at a local airport hotel, and then show up Saturday morning with hopes of getting on the flight to The Azores.  There are 23 tentative seats and my husband has category III priority, which means there’s a decent chance we’ll make the flight.

If we don’t get on the flight to The Azores, we will likely get on the flight to Germany.  There are 164 seats on that one… but it will mean having to wait around Baltimore all day.  I’d rather be on my way ASAP.  And there are flights from The Azores that go to mainland Europe, which means we could end up in Germany anyway… though I think we’ll go to Italy or Greece before Germany, unless we go there on the way home.

I am actually a little Italy-ed out, but I would love to go to Greece again, and I have never been to Souda Bay/Crete.  So this could turn out to be a very different trip…

We’ll see what happens.  Stay tuned!

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