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Belgian beer!

I was inspired to post about Belgian beer today because last night, Bill and I went on a beer run and I picked up a four pack of Duchesse De Bourgogne.  I had never heard of this beer before and, given that it was priced at $22, I might have given it pass just a few years ago based on its price alone.  But there was only one four pack sitting there and I felt sorry for it.  It was covered with dust.  And I do love a good Belgian beer.

The beer I just discovered…


An employee at Spec’s noticed the four pack in my basket and cheered.  “Yea!  Someone’s finally buying that!  It’s a good beer!”

I said, “That’s what I’m counting on.”

He said, “I won’t let you down.”

So I just opened this beer, which according to its label–  “Duchesse De Bourgogne is a Belgian top-fermented reddish-brown ale, a blend of 8 and 18 months old beers following the careful maturation in oak casks.”

I tasted it.  It’s sour… tastes a lot like a very complex lambic.  That’s what you call a graduate level beer.

An awesome beer joint we found in Brussels…


When Bill and I went to Belgium for the first time, we spent most of the weekend drunk.  There was beer aplenty everywhere, just begging to be tasted.  So we obliged and we went bar to bar, trying exotic Belgian brews over Labor Day weekend in 2008.

We even visited the Delirium Tremens Cafe, which at one time held the world’s record for the number of different beers available.

Yes, it was a very beery time!


Ever since that trip, I’ve been in love with Belgian beers.  Whenever we go to a liquor store, I keep an eye out for Belgian brews.  The more exotic, the better.  I’m not usually scared off by price too much because usually it turns out they’re worth it.  I know a lot of Americans prefer more pedestrian brews.  But for me, any culture that combines the elegance of wine with the fun of beer is worth visiting.  I am especially fond of a good kriek, that is, cherry beer.

Kwak is a favorite!  It even gets a special glass!

I don’t remember the name of the beer I drank here, but I do remember it was pretty high-powered.

A very cool bar in Brussels where I had my first kriek!

We discovered a lot of great spots in Belgium thanks to Zane Lamprey and his now defunct show, Three Sheets.  I liked the show so much that we named our beagle after Zane Lamprey.


I think today we will enjoy our Saturday… and I will enjoy lots of Belgian beers.

Beer #2…  Golden Draak!  Yum!


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