Le Petit Belge– your source for Belgian beer in Wiesbaden!

ETA 2021: Sadly, this restaurant has closed.  Another has opened in its place, but we haven’t yet tried it.

One major part of settling in a new town is locating a source for good suds.  I like German beer fine, but I’m really partial to Belgian beers, which tend to be more interesting to my aging tastebuds.  Last weekend, probably after our awesome Cajun food extravaganza, I went looking for a place to buy Belgian beer.

When we lived near Stuttgart, we used to go to Heinrich’s 3000 drink market in Kornwestheim, which had a pretty good sized Belgian section.  I’m sure such a place exists near Wiesbaden, but when I went Googling, the first place to come up in Wiesbaden was a place called Le Petit Belge.  Le Petit Belge is located in the heart of Wiesbaden, right near the big red church in the big square.  It’s kind of awkwardly laid out, with a shop/cafe on the edge of the square and a bakery/chocolate shop two doors down in a passageway.  Between the two shops is a tiny Italian restaurant.

Le Petit Belge plays 80s music on its sound system and sells beers to take home.  It also offers frites, crepes, waffles, buckwheat crepes (which are gluten free), soups, and other specials.  It’s a tiny place, with room for just fourteen people in the cafe and room for a few more folks in the bakery area, which is also where you’ll find the restrooms.  You will need the restrooms after a couple of hearty Belgian beers.

A shot of the outside facade.  When it’s warm you can sit outside.  You can probably sit outside when it’s not warm, too.  They have little blankets.


Outside the bakery, where you can get beer, baked goods, and chocolates.  It’s also where my frites were cooked.  This is where you pee.

Bill peruses the menu, where there are many beers listed, then looks at the wall of beers.  

It’s pretty impressive, especially for such a small venue.  I wish we’d known about this place when we were househunting and staying in downtown Wiesbaden.

This is where they make the crepes, waffles, salads and such.  I went with a Caprese, which was a fresh crepe made with tomatoes, herbs, and mozzarella.  It came with a salad.  Bill had a crepe full of Trappist cheese (which smelled like ass) and smoked ham.  He said it was delicious, and ate every bite.  You can also get sweets made… waffles, crepes, or fancy hot chocolate or coffee.

One of the two beers I enjoyed.

This is a small portion of frites at 200 grams.  You can get them with “dips” included, or you can pay a la carte for things like ketchup, mayo, or something else.  They also have medium and large frites.  As it was, Bill and I struggled to finish the small one, and we were sharing.

My crepe.  It arrived with cold mozzarella, but most people don’t care about that.  I just pulled the crepe over the cheese to melt it a bit.  It was good, but I only managed half.  Those frites were deadly!

And a little salad.  I actually enjoyed this– especially the crisp, zesty red peppers.

Bill’s crepe… he enjoys things that smell like ass.  Maybe that’s how we’ve lasted 16 years.  I’m just kidding…  Actually, he said the Trappist cheese was only slightly more pungent than Gruyere, which I can handle somewhat easily.

This was my dessert.  

Bill shops for beer to bring home.  He’s flying back to the States on Sunday, so I’ll be at home alone.  I usually try to stay on the wagon when he’s out of town, but Belgian beers are tempting, I must admit.

This was our modest haul.  Next time, we’ll have to get more.


I can see this little eatery is much beloved by the local community.  It’s really kind of cool to have a Belgian restaurant nearby, even if I’m really mostly interested in the beer, frites, and chocolate.  You can get plenty of all three at Le Petit Belge.  I’m sure we’ll be back again and again.






Tübingen is a great city, especially if you want to go shopping.  Bill and I love going to Tübingen for many reasons.  One big reason we love that city is because of a cool store there called Vinum.  Vinum carries all kinds of wines, beers, liquors, and even some gourmet foods.  It’s not a huge store, but for the size it is, it has a pretty good selection!  The atmosphere is very pleasant, too.  The store is in an old, cool, cavern like building on Lange Strasse, very close to the big church in the middle of town.

Bill and I like going there for Belgian beers and unusual wines.  They also carry an impressive array of whiskys.  Not whiskey…  whisky!  As in scotch!  I just ordered two bottles of scotch from Master of Malt, a great online store out of the UK.  Otherwise, we might have restocked our scotch supply at Vinum.

Yesterday, when we were there, I noticed they were selling El Dorado, my favorite rum.  It comes from Guyana and Bill and I discovered it in a grocery store in Bequia, a charming island in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  We didn’t buy any yesterday, but I think we’ll be picking some up soon.  By the way, anyone who mixes 15 year old El Dorado in a cocktail is an amateur.  That is pure sipping rum!

The front of Vinum.  

Lots of delightful Belgian beers!  We came home with a couple of big bottles!  They also have a few beers from other places.  I noticed a bottle of Sierra Nevada pale ale there, but we haven’t been out of the States long enough to want that yet.

Wine taps in the back room.  You can buy a wine bottle for five euros and fill it with wine from one of the taps.  Yesterday, the prices on the wines were anywhere from 3.95 to 4.25.  You can also taste the wines before you dispense them.  We came home with some very nice syrah.    

I also picked up some mustard from France and some balsamic vinegar.  They also have pasta, pesto, some exotic oils, and several interesting looking sauces from Italy.

Now that we’re back in Germany, I have a feeling we’ll be visiting Vinum a lot!


Belgian beer!

I was inspired to post about Belgian beer today because last night, Bill and I went on a beer run and I picked up a four pack of Duchesse De Bourgogne.  I had never heard of this beer before and, given that it was priced at $22, I might have given it pass just a few years ago based on its price alone.  But there was only one four pack sitting there and I felt sorry for it.  It was covered with dust.  And I do love a good Belgian beer.

The beer I just discovered…


An employee at Spec’s noticed the four pack in my basket and cheered.  “Yea!  Someone’s finally buying that!  It’s a good beer!”

I said, “That’s what I’m counting on.”

He said, “I won’t let you down.”

So I just opened this beer, which according to its label–  “Duchesse De Bourgogne is a Belgian top-fermented reddish-brown ale, a blend of 8 and 18 months old beers following the careful maturation in oak casks.”

I tasted it.  It’s sour… tastes a lot like a very complex lambic.  That’s what you call a graduate level beer.

An awesome beer joint we found in Brussels…


When Bill and I went to Belgium for the first time, we spent most of the weekend drunk.  There was beer aplenty everywhere, just begging to be tasted.  So we obliged and we went bar to bar, trying exotic Belgian brews over Labor Day weekend in 2008.

We even visited the Delirium Tremens Cafe, which at one time held the world’s record for the number of different beers available.

Yes, it was a very beery time!


Ever since that trip, I’ve been in love with Belgian beers.  Whenever we go to a liquor store, I keep an eye out for Belgian brews.  The more exotic, the better.  I’m not usually scared off by price too much because usually it turns out they’re worth it.  I know a lot of Americans prefer more pedestrian brews.  But for me, any culture that combines the elegance of wine with the fun of beer is worth visiting.  I am especially fond of a good kriek, that is, cherry beer.

Kwak is a favorite!  It even gets a special glass!

I don’t remember the name of the beer I drank here, but I do remember it was pretty high-powered.

A very cool bar in Brussels where I had my first kriek!

We discovered a lot of great spots in Belgium thanks to Zane Lamprey and his now defunct show, Three Sheets.  I liked the show so much that we named our beagle after Zane Lamprey.


I think today we will enjoy our Saturday… and I will enjoy lots of Belgian beers.

Beer #2…  Golden Draak!  Yum!