House Hunters International makes me dream of living overseas…

I swear, I would love to go back to Europe for a few years.  I watch House Hunters International and it makes me long to move to another country, preferably in Central Europe.  We both know we like being expats.  I’m just not really feeling Texas.

I did tell Bill that I think we should look into getting pre-qualified for a home loan, in case we do stay here or move elsewhere.  We get one move and there’s always a chance our shitty property managers may want us to sign another lease because our lease was signed with different property managers (I did NOT want to do business with the property managers we have now).  And if they want to raise the rent, I am for sure wanting to leave.  This house is not worth what we pay now.

But we only get one move on the Army and I don’t want to waste it moving into another rental or a house we don’t want in a city we don’t love that much.  I don’t hate San Antonio, but I don’t see myself wanting to stay here for years unless there’s a compelling reason to stay.

House Hunters International sure makes me dream of where we could go…  Right now, I dream of Germany or Belgium, but hell, even a move to the Pacific Northwest or Colorado might be interesting.

We’ll see what happens.  I think I’ll do some searching of my own…


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