Now where?

I usually have someplace I want to visit next after I take a big trip.  Right now, I have to confess, I can’t think of where we should go next.  It’s probably because I’m pretty nervous about what Bill is going to do next.  Leaving the military is a big deal.

April 25 is when Bill goes on transitional leave.  He’s out of the Army on July 1.  It’s going to be odd having a civilian husband.  It looks like the Army isn’t going to have a lot of jobs available when he’s done, either, so we may end up moving.  I think it’s likely we’ll move anyway, because we hate this house we live in.

I was hoping we’d squeeze in one last cruise before we leave the Army… and maybe we can do that, though it might not be the kind of cruise we usually do.

I’d really like to go to Ireland, but that may be more than we can afford this year, since we are still recovering from Spain and Portugal.  I’m still interested in doing a river barge cruise with European Waterways in France or Ireland.

This looks like it’s about my speed!

2 thoughts on “Now where?

  1. That river cruise looks like fun at easy-going speed, too. 🙂 Hopefully some good job opportunities will come 'round when Bill retires from the army and you guys will keep getting to travel a lot!

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