I think we’re gonna do it!

Bill and I have been talking and I think we’ve decided it’s worth it to risk a trip abroad.  If we’re going to be broke, we’re going to be broke.  Staying home in the meantime won’t change anything… and we may never get this opportunity again.

We were going to try to fly out of McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, but now we’re thinking we may have to try flying out of McGuire Air Force Base near Trenton, New Jersey.  They have been offering flights to Shannon, Ireland lately, with 59 tentative seats.  Granted, if we go to Ireland, we will probably have to fly out of somewhere else… either Germany or England.

I would rather fly out of England, since I do want to visit Mildenhall if we can.  This is all still very tentative, though.  We still have to arrange for everything.  To complicate matters, we have to be around for a house inspection on the 13th.  We don’t really have to be here for it, but I want to be… this house has some issues and I want to be sure to explain them.  I also don’t want to leave the dead bolt unlocked while we’re out of town.

I am a little worried that we’re getting too close to summer and that may make things more difficult.  The whole thing could fall apart, too.

In preparation for a potential trip to the Emerald Isle, I got a free downloaded guide, which has resulted in an Irish tourism firm trying desperately to get Bill and me to sign up for some tour program.  Maybe we will; maybe we won’t.  I really would rather just wing it.  That’s where the best stories come from.  I look forward to having more pictures to post here on my travel blog!


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