Arrived in Germany…

Now I’m jet lagged and on the rag.  Sometimes menopause seems so appealing to me.  It’s nice to see Germany again, though.  I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed trees.  San Antonio has them, but they’re kind of small and scrubby.

Our flight was full and there were many families with kids.  As much as I thought I wanted them, now I see why it’s good we don’t have them.  At my age, maybe I’m too old and cranky to appreciate them.

Bill and I landed at a hotel just off Ramstein.  It’s popular with Americans.  He’s already talked to a guy who works at SHAPE in Belgium.  It would be great if this trip turns lucky, but I’m not holding my breath.  I’m wide awake at 12:16am, after being totally exhausted earlier.  We need to decide what we want to do while we’re here.

I want to go to France.  Wine helps soothe the menstrual beast.


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