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I have been wanting to visit the Champagne region of France for years.  This morning, we tossed a coin to decide where to go next.  Reims won over Bacharach, Germany… So here we are, after six hours on a train.  We booked a room at an Ibis, which is basically a cheap motel.

Then we had an amazing dinner… It was served by very weeded waiters who didn’t speak much English.  Now we’re drinking my favorite Champagne in our cheap motel room.  The room is tiny, but it’s clean and has all we need.  We will stay in Reims another night, then head somewhere else Wednesday.

2 comments on “Champagne!

  1. AlexisAR says:

    How does this Ibis compare with, say, Motel 6. provided that the Motel 6 in question was clean?


  2. knotty says:

    I have never stayed in a Motel 6, but Bill has. He says the Ibis is much better. Hell, they serve champagne here.


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