We visited Epernay…

Reims is where champagne gets sold.  Epernay is where it’s made.  We ended up visiting there today, having lunch at a brasserie, then after walking around, drinking a couple of beers.  The bar where we drank locked the toilets to keep people off the street out.

I dozed off on the train back.  We ended up at a small, family owned place for dinner.  I noticed it smelled really good at lunchtime, so we came back… I was not disappointed.  The food was wonderful and someone there was able to translate the menu for us…  It was also significantly less expensive than last night’s meal.

I look forward to writing about it and sharing photos when we get back.

In other news, Bill says only one seat out of 60+ available was used to go to Shannon yesterday.  *Sigh*. I’m not sorry we came to France, but that would have been a hell of a lot nicer than the jam packed Germany flight.


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