We’re liking Lyon….

Okay, so actually, we’re staying a little north of Lyon.  I looked for a reasonably priced hotel closer to central Lyon, but wasn’t so successful.  But it’s really okay, because our Best Western is perfectly fine  and not too expensive.  It’s also near a great Moroccan restaurant.  I happened to spot the restaurant as Bill and I were trying to find the hotel in the wind and rain.  It turned out we were so close…

Bill went the wrong way and we ended up consulting a map.  As we were looking, a lady who did not speak English tried very hard to help us.  She pointed out the tourism office, but it turned out we were close to the hotel.  We just went a couple of blocks in the wrong direction.

We checked in, then visited an Irish pub that served Belgian beers and played music from the 80s.  I was in heaven.  We came back to the room; Bill did homework and I took a three hour nap.  Afterwards, we had an amazing Moroccan dinner.

The train ride was interesting.  It was an older train with compartments… Plenty of space.  A young girl asked if she could sit with us.  We welcomed her.  When she left, she smiled and said goodbye.  Bill said he got the impression that maybe she sat with us so she wouldn’t be alone in a compartment and bothered by men.

France has been delightful…  I look forward to writing more in detail when we get back to Texas.


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