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Interesting day… But we ate Domino’s Pizza for dinner!

We just weren’t in the mood to go hunting for a lovely and expensive meal.  We had beer and then picked up a Domino’s Hawaiian pizza.

We went to the city of Lyon hoping to find really good food.  We did have a nice lunch at yet another Irish pub…  But it was a rather American meal.  I had a cheeseburger and Bill had a “jacket potato”.  I’m tempted to rip off the soap in our hotel room.  It smells great.  But that would be theft, so I won’t do it…

This, even though I got the stink eye from a French lady and yelled at by a crazy street person today.

Riding the train back to our northern Lyon suburb was odd.  We ended up with a bunch of very young French guys who seemed clueless.  I felt like a den mother in a French frat house.  There were about six of them; the train was full, so they were eager to claim our seats when Bill and I got off after two stops.


2 thoughts on “Interesting day… But we ate Domino’s Pizza for dinner!

  1. I've never been yelled at by a crazy street person.If you're going to eat Domino's in France, go for the Hawaiian pizza.I'm amazed at the proliferation of Irish pubs.

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