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We’re staying at a La Quinta about 40 minutes from where our soon to be former house is.  It actually would have made more sense to stay at a La Quinta closer to Converse, since it’s on the way to Houston.  But Bill’s mom lives on the northwestern side of San Antonio, so we decided to stay closer to her.  She’s driving us to Houston.  Or actually, Bill will probably drive… and she will come along and drive back home afterwards.

I’m going to stay in the hotel tomorrow while Bill deals with the movers.  I’ve done all I can do and the dogs need to be kept out of the way.  I’m happy because I don’t want to go back to that house ever again and now I don’t have to.

We are at La Quinta because it’s pet friendly and reasonably priced.  It’s basically got all we need, though if we were sans dogs, I’d want a more comfortable place.  The breakfast at La Quinta rather sucks.  This particular La Quinta is pretty well booked, too.  Hope I can keep the dogs calm tomorrow.  I’d almost want to go with Bill tomorrow because I think I’ll be bored, stuck here with no car.  But it’s really too hot to leave the dogs outside all day while the movers come in and out of the house.

Hard to believe I’ll be in Germany again in just a few days.  I will have plenty to write about.

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