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When you have pets, La Quintas are a good bet.  They offer basically comfortable accommodations and don’t charge pet fees.  Last year, when Bill and I moved to Texas, we stayed in two La Quintas.  One was a really nice place in Beaumont, Texas, clean, convenient, comfortable, and right next to a Sonic.  The other was an older, rather shitty property right next to Interstate 35.  It had a nice shower and a good bed.  Other than that, I pretty much hated it.

The one we’re in right now is kind of a mixed bag.  The staff has been very tolerant of my hounds, who have mostly been good but are prone to a lot of barking when someone knocks or a sound makes them alert.  It’s basically clean and our room is fairly comfortable.  It’s not very close to any restaurants, though, which is only a problem because Bill gave up the rental car today.  His mother is coming to get us early tomorrow morning to take us to Houston.

Our flight leaves at 3:50pm and we should be arriving in Frankfurt at about 8:30am and hopefully on the road to Stuttgart by 10:30.  We gotta get through customs because we have the dogs and they have to be examined and what not.  Should be fun, especially since we have to pay and the price is higher on Sundays.  But I figure it gets Bill to work earlier and it means we don’t have to spend another night in Texas.  The sooner we get to Germany, the sooner we can find our next house.

Anyway, this particular La Quinta kind of reminds me of a halfway house.  Obviously, a lot of people stay here because it’s near Sea World and Six Flags.  There are a lot of kids around.  But it also has the feel of temporary digs.  There’s a barbecue outside and a well attended pool and hot tub.  Having seen how many kids are out there, I decided I would not partake.  There’s probably a lot of pee in the pool and my immune system is not what it used to be.  But I am kind of impressed that there is a spa out there, given that this property is kinda low brow.  I would add pictures, but our room hasn’t been serviced since Wednesday and the pictures wouldn’t provide an accurate picture of what it looked like when we checked in.

I don’t like the breakfast at this La Quinta.  It’s pretty cheap, with mostly fake food.  I’d rather eat at McDonald’s.  Fortunately, Bill’s mom gave us breakfast this morning and let us use her washer and dryer.  We have been very lucky to have her.  She’s making this move to Germany a lot easier for us.

Bill is sitting at the desk in our room, swearing at the VA.  He cracks me up.

The dogs have enjoyed the trash littered field next to the hotel.  There’s lots to sniff out there… and lots of poop that hasn’t been cleaned up.

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