Tonight’s food… German!

We went German tonight and visited the gasthaus just across the street from Hotel Flora.  The restaurant was called Lindenhof, and it was attached to the Lindenhof Gasthaus, right on Filderbahnstrasse in Mohringen.  The food offered was typical German gasthaus fare… and it was very good!

I think Bill and I decided to go there because it was quick and easy.  I was also thirsty and wanted some beer.  We were pleasantly surprised by the Lindenhof restaurant.  The food and service were both fine.  At the end of the meal, I wanted dessert, but had another beer instead.  I guess I’d rather drink my calories.


The “amuse” they brought out.  It was like potato salad with smoked salmon, cream, a tiny egg (quail perhaps?), caviar, and fresh tomato.  It was very good and kind of impressive, too.  I didn’t expect this at a gasthaus.


Bill had jaegerschnitzel, which is basically boneless pork with a mushroom (hunter’s) gravy.  I do not eat mushrooms at all, but these looked pretty appetizing as mushrooms go.  I mean, I’ve been to some places where the hunter’s gravy looks like someone dumped a can of cream of mushroom soup on the pork.  This gravy looked like it was made with care and included quality mushrooms.  I will never eat it, though, because mushrooms come from the devil as far as I’m concerned.   Bill said it was one of the better schnitzels he’s had, and given that this is his third time living in Germany, he’s had a whole lot!


I had a rumpsteak with pommes frites and krauterbutter.  I don’t usually go for European beef, but I wanted something different and nothing else really jumped out at me on the menu.  This was a very nice steak– lean and not too gamey.  I ate maybe two-thirds of it.  The waiter at the Lindenhof very graciously packed up the leftover meat, which I had cut up into small pieces.  My dogs, Zane and Arran, had a nice evening snack!


I was very tempted to try dessert.  They had a nice looking Black Forest inspired ice cream treat that was calling my name.  But I decided to have another beer instead of ice cream, tempting as it was.  Since it looks like we’ll be in this hotel until at least the 11th, I’m sure we’ll have a chance to go back and try it.  They also had a nice looking apple strudel.

I was impressed by how well-attended this place was.  There were two rather large parties there when we arrived and more came in just before we left.  It wasn’t too busy, yet I could tell that it was a favorite with certain locals.  We liked the food and were very happy that they were able to let us bring our leftover steak back to our dogs.  In fact, the waiter seemed delighted when I mentioned them.  Come to think of it, I’m surprised he didn’t recognize me from the noisy spectacle our dogs made this afternoon right in front of the restaurant.  They have a tendency to go nuts when they see other dogs and today was no exception.  We drew a crowd.

Total check was just under 50 euros.  We don’t have kids ourselves; but for those who need to know, a children’s menu is available.  We’ll probably go back before we settle somewhere further afield.

A picture of the Lindenhof Hotel and Restaurant.


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