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My kingdom for a Midol…

Tonight, Bill and I decided to venture out to another Italian restaurant.  This one was on the corner of Vaihingen and Balinger Strasses.  It looked like a very popular place, based on my observations since our arrival last Sunday.  I decided tonight would be the night to try it out.

The restaurant is called Osteria Tra-Noi.  It serves Italian fare–  pasta, salads, and grilled stuff.  I was really in the mood for some pasta, but I didn’t see anything on the menu that really appealed to me, other than carbonara, which my middle-aged ass doesn’t need right now.  I ended up ordering grilled salmon, which was advertised as cooked on a lava stone and served with a small green salad.  Bill had spaghetti with mushrooms and shrimp in a garlic cream sauce.  It had an actual name, but it’s not ringing a bell right now, probably because I enjoyed beer at a local biergarten before we got back to the hotel.

Anyway, we paired our entrees with San Pellegrino, which we learned tonight comes from Bergamo (a place where we once got trapped after dinner, which I ended losing after one too many switchbacks in the Alps).  The company itself is owned by Nestle.  Way to take the romance out of sparkling water!  We also had two glasses (one each) of some very overpriced red wine for which we paid the US equivalent of about $21.  It definitely wasn’t worth it.

We were served by two people.  One was a very outgoing waiter who was quite extroverted and friendly.  The other was a woman who seemed to be in a terminally bad mood.  I get that, really.  I used to wait tables myself, so I know how it is.  But she was pretty crabby and didn’t seem too excited about bringing us our dinner.  I got the feeling she was covering the whole inside of the restaurant, along with her much friendlier male colleague.  I wouldn’t say she was terrible at her job; indeed, she handled everything in a competent manner.  She just seemed like she’d rather be somewhere else, which I can certainly understand.  Her crankiness made me a little uncomfortable, though… and I didn’t really feel like sticking around for dessert.

Bill being pensive as he tells me about medical and dental coverage for contractors in Germany…


Bill’s pasta and my grilled salmon.  I can’t speak for Bill’s dish, since I don’t eat mushrooms.  Mine was pretty good, but I was more impressed by what we had at Il Cappuccino Feinkost two nights ago.  The service was better at Il Cappuccino Feinkost, too.

Nice little salad.  We did finish up with a round of espressso.

Signs of the place…

Bill ended up chasing down someone in the restaurant to pay the bill because we were keen to get out of there.

I thought I wanted ice cream, but decided I’d rather have beer in the biergarten near our hotel.  We enjoyed a couple of rounds at this place, just steps away from the train station off Filderbahnstrasse in Mohringen.

I told a dirty joke to get Bill to laugh.

This is the face he makes when I need a good talking to about something…

This was a very nice brew served in a steinkrug…  

We followed it with a hefeweizen, which was very good.  Not too heavy on the banana.


Bill started out speaking German but gave up with the waitress answered him in perfect English.  The four beers we enjoyed at the biergarten cost less than the two glasses of mediocre wine we had at Osteria Tra-Noi.

Osteria Tra-Noi restaurant is obviously popular because I’ve seen it packed a few times since we’ve been here.  But honestly, the food was not really impressive to me.  And our waitress, God bless her, seemed to be in dire need of a Midol.  Anyone can have an “off” night and I really don’t know if she was having one or if this was her usual mode.  I just know that tonight’s meal was less impressive and less satisfying.  I might give them another chance, though, depending on how long we’re in Mohringen.  The food was okay and the other server was in a good mood.  The check came to 45 euros, which was kind of pricey…. but really, it was the wine that was overpriced, not the food.


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