Netflix in Germany…

Back in 2008, I wrote a review on about my experiences using Netflix as an American in Germany.  That review got tons of hits and made me some serious money.  I even got emails from people moving to Europe courtesy of the military.  I have posted that review for posterity’s sake, but I thought I’d offer an update.

Last year, I cancelled Netflix.  I had been a member since 2001, but since we were in Texas and had U-Verse that had all the programming I wanted, I didn’t see the need to continue paying Netflix.  I never used it when we were in Texas.  Besides, I had been a fan of their DVD service and noticed that it had really gone downhill.  Not only was it expensive, but the DVDs were arriving damaged or replaced.

Fast forward to yesterday, when Bill and I realized our DVD player somehow got broken.  We rarely watch DVDs anyway, though we did bring a bunch of them with us.  I started thinking about Netflix again, which recently started operating in Germany.  I had signed up with a VPN, Unblock-Us, which allows me to stream content from the United States by hiding my IP address.  A lot of military folks were using it for Netflix, too.  So I went back to Netflix and, not surprisingly, found that they were ready to welcome me back with open arms, as it were, at just $8.99.  Bill managed to get our Roku working and now I can stream content from Amazon Prime or Netflix on my TV, computers, or iPad.  While I’m at it, I might go back to Hulu, too.

Of course, there is something to be said for watching German cable, since it might help me learn the language…  but then, I live life as a shut in anyway.  What’s the point of learning German?  Just kidding.  I’m still keeping up with my Duolingo lessons every day!  And I’m slowly making some progress, too.


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