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Bill and I took Zane and Arran for a walk this morning with the intention of wearing them out so we can go somewhere fun this afternoon.  They usually nap when we go out, but there can be a big production as we’re leaving.  We figured if we got them to burn off some steam, they might make less of a racket in the first few minutes before we leave.

We ended up taking a different route than the one we took two weeks ago and ended up in an area unfamiliar to us.  Rather than trying to search for a way to make a loop, we went back the way we came.  As we were walking through the woods, Zane and Arran got on a scent and started baying.  There was a German lady standing at a fork in the road.  She, too, had a beagle.  His name was Rudy and he was a bit bigger than Zane and Arran, as if he had some other kind of dog in his heritage.

The lady was telling us about how Rudy runs and bays… and she had obviously trained him, since he was in the down position as we approached.  But he came over to meet Zane and Arran as she was telling us about how Rudy once got loose in the woods and she waited two hours for him to come back.  Suddenly, Rudy attempted to mount Arran, who was having none of that.  A short fight ensued and we decided to part ways.

It was actually kind of cool meeting her, though.  I’m sure we’ll run into them again.  It’s nice to know there’s someone else near us who has a hound and knows their nature.  They like to run, hunt, make noise, and eat.  German dogs are usually very well trained, but hounds can be a challenge…

This is about right…

I took my camera with me again, so here are some new photos…  Some are blurry because I was trying to be all fancy, walking while shooting.

2 comments on “Another long walk in the woods…

  1. Bruce says:

    Looks beautiful there!

  2. knotty says:

    It is. Parts of it remind me a little of Sanford, of all places.

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