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Bill and I had heard of Nagold last time we were here in Germany.  Bill had a co-worker who lived there– and it turns out the guy is still here, still working for EUCOM (which is where Bill used to work) and is now a contractor working for the same company Bill works for.  I remember that guy with much fondness.  He’s quite into wisecracking, as I am too.

Anyway, Jettingen is maybe five kilometers from Nagold, which is a very cute town.  When we used to live in Pfaffingen, we’d go to Herrenberg or Tuebingen on Saturdays, both of which were about ten minutes away from where we lived.  Herrenberg is still maybe ten minutes from here.  I haven’t been back to Tuebingen yet, but I’m guessing it’s maybe twenty or twenty-five minutes.  But Nagold also has a lot of what makes those places charming.  It’s less crowded than Tuebingen is, too.

Today, we went there, walked around a bit, and had a very nice lunch by the Longwy Platz.  I’m not sure what the significance of Longwy is in Germany, but I know it’s a town in northeastern France.  We’ve driven through it.

We left the dogs with Kongs filled with peanut butter, which obviously served very well in getting the dogs to simmer down and be occupied while we were gone.  Our outing was about two hours, but it made a difference.  I feel better, now.

The Longwy Restaurant was where we ate.  Our waitress spoke perfect English with virtually no accent.  And as soon as Bill spoke German, she switched to it.

Sights around Nagold…

Bill had lemon chicken…

And I had cordon bleu…

And a dunkleweizen for dessert…

We stopped in Edeka for some odds and ends and paid only one euro for parking.  I think we could spend quite some time in Nagold while we live in this area.  It’s a great town.  Everybody had their dogs out, too.

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