Another trip to Agais to see "The Mad Scientist"…

Last night, Bill asked me what I wanted for dinner.  I said I wanted to “go see The Mad Scientist”, which is code for “I want to go out for Greek food at Agais in Entringen”.  When we lived in Germany last time, we used to dine at this restaurant all the time.  Now that we’re here again, we can come back.  It’s not as close as it used to be, but it’s close enough.  Entringen is on B28, on the way to Tuebingen.

As for “The Mad Scientist”, that’s not really his name or anything.  That’s just a nickname Bill and I gave him.


We started with our usual Nemea.  I love this wine.  It’s very full and dry and has the essence of ripe cherries.

I usually have the gyros, but last night I decided to have grilled salmon.  Agais has it farm raised salmon or organic.  I had the organic, which was garnished with t’zaziki and vegetables.  Bill had souvlaki.  Both dishes came with salad and bread, which was warm from the oven.

The salmon was delicious!  I was glad I ordered it, even though the gyros are also a hit.  It was a bit pricier than my usual, but a nice change of pace.


We don’t usually have dessert, but I didn’t want to go home.  So I had a tartufo and Bill had baklava.  I don’t usually like baklava that much, but I liked the baklava at Agais last night.  It was light and not too sticky or sweet.

I washed down my tartufo with retsina… and a little ouzo.  No wonder my head is swimming this morning.

It was really nice to see the couple that run Agais again.  There was one other family eating there with us.  We’d seen them before.  The owner said they had been coming to his restaurant for years.  I liked that he and his wife sat down and talked with them for awhile.  You don’t see that so often in American restaurants.  The Mad Scientist’s wife asked if we brought our dogs to live with us in Germany.  I was impressed that she remembered!  We did bring dogs, though not the ones we had with us last time we lived here.

The Mad Scientist said that in the five years we were out of Germany, he had more Americans visiting his restaurant, but lately things have been slowing down a bit.  I’m just glad we got to come back again and will keep coming back as long as we’re around and the restaurant is running.


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