New art!

The lady who’s been doing the corks and canvases class here in Stuttgart is going back to the USA.  So I bought three of her paintings and hung them on my wall…

It’s not actually so easy to hang stuff here in Germany, since the walls are made of concrete and are very hard.  I try to minimize holes when I hang stuff.  I know some people use things other than nails to hang pictures.  I mostly stick with the nails and try to get the holes right the first time.

I think the house we’re in has seen a long line of tenants.  Still, we try to be careful and not leave any place we live worse off than it was when we moved in.  I am delighted to have something to look at on my walls, though, especially since I have paintings galore on the first floor.

I hope to collect some more artwork during our time here.


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