Dinner at Pizzeria da Piero in Jettingen…

Last night, Bill and I had dinner at a local pizzeria near our house in Jettingen (a town not too far from Nagold, southwest of Herrenberg).  Bill has picked up food there for us before, but this was our first time having a sit down meal.  They were very busy last night.  The parking lot was pretty packed.

Not the best photo… but that’s what the outside looks like.

I forgot to take photos while we were eating.  (ETA: No, I didn’t.  That wine must have been stronger than I realized.)  Bill and I were deep in discussion.  He had pasta with a salmon cream sauce.  I had cannelloni.  The portions were pretty large and we ended up taking about half of it home.  We also enjoyed a very nice bottle of wine.  In fact, Bill and I were very impressed by the wines that were offered.  The one we had last night was 13 euros, but the bartender served it like it was worth much more.

Yummy Italian food!

I liked the inside of the restaurant, which was dark and romantic.  It looked like they had a large covered porch that would probably be very handy during warmer weather months.  Service was very friendly and looked like there were a few kids enjoying dinner there, too.

Bill and I were amazed by the wine service.  The bartender brought out glasses for us along with a third glass for tasting the wine.  It was definitely unique.

I’m sure we will be back, since we can walk there from where we live.  Next time we go, I will take some photos (as usual).  I have a feeling that restaurant could end up being a favorite.  I can see that it already is with a number of the locals.


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