A review of Thermopyle Greek Restaurant in Herrenberg, Germany…

Last night, on our way home from the airport, it occurred to Bill and me that we didn’t have much food in the house.  I suggested we stop for some Greek food in Herrenberg.  We remembered Thermopyle in Herrenberg from the last time we lived in the Stuttgart area from 2007-09.  We only ate there a couple of times, when our friend The Mad Scientist in Entringen was away on holiday.  But we did remember that the food there was very good and it’s a popular place with the locals.  Often, when we pass this restaurant, we see it packed with people.

This would look better in the daytime; but that’s the sign, anyway.

It was snowing last night, so I figured maybe it wouldn’t be quite as busy.  We found a place to park near the train station.  Upon entering Thermopyle, we saw that quite a few folks were out enjoying Greek food, but there was still room for Bill and me.  The very friendly proprietor, whom I remembered from our previous visits, invited us to sit down.

Neither Bill nor I were very hungry.   Fortunately, Thermopyle offers some smaller dishes for people with smaller appetites.  Bill had a small gyros with a Greek salad.  I had souvlaki, which came with a small salad.  He also ordered a half carafe of a Greek wine called Imiglys, which turned out to be a bit sweeter than we prefer.  Next time, we’ll get our usual Nemea or Athos.

My salad.

Bill’s salad.

The food was very good.  Bill’s Greek salad was very large and beautifully presented with butter beans and feta cheese.  My salad was simpler, which was fine with me.  The souvlaki came out on wooden skewers, which were kind of hard to maneuver because the meat kind of stuck to it.  But once I got the meat off the sticks, I was very happy.  I really like the way Thermopyle does t’satziki, with plenty of garlic.  Our dinners also came with crinkle fries, which reminds me of being a kid in the 70s.


We were not offered ouzo when we called for the check, but that was okay.  We both had plenty to drink over the weekend.  The bill came to around 35 euros.

Service was fast and friendly and the proprietor shook our hands before we left!  I’m sure we’ll be back, although I’m still partial to my friend The Mad Scientist at Agais.  As an aside, I think this restaurant is worth visiting if only because of all the pictures in the place.  The guy that owns it has had his photo taken with a bunch of famous people, including Don King.


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