Doubling up on Hello Fresh boxes…

Because of last week’s billing issues with Hello Fresh, I inadvertently ended up with several subscriptions.  I asked Hello Fresh to cancel all but the first order, but somehow I’m still ending up with twice what I intended to order.  Today, I will receive two classic boxes of three meals for two people and two fruit boxes.  I guess I’ll send one of the fruit boxes to work with Bill and maybe keep the extra box for next week, when my niece visits.

I’ve sent several emails to Hello Fresh since I last posted.  One was to make sure next week’s delivery is “paused” because next week’s meals include mushrooms, which I do not eat.  I wasn’t able to pause it myself on their Web site, so I had to email them.  The other was to make sure that in the future, I don’t get double orders.  I asked them to check my account and make sure future automatic orders are just for one box– one fruit box and one classic box.  My next email to them will probably be to ask them to cancel my account.

As much as I enjoy learning new recipes and trying new foods, this screw up with billing and repeated need to email them has left me with a bad impression.  We’ll see how much or little we enjoy this week’s recipes.  The double boxes this week may turn out to be okay, since we’re going to have company.

This weekend, Bill and I are going to Regensburg, which is a beautiful Bavarian city.  We have both been there before, but not with each other.  I look forward to seeing Regensburg again and taking lots of new pictures!  I’m ready to blog about travel rather than food.


Look what just arrived.  Looks like they didn’t cancel all the orders after all.

ETA:  Here is today’s email exchange…

Okay, now you are SURE that my next order will be just one classic box and one fruit box?  Because when I wrote last week about the inadvertent extra orders, I was told the problem was fixed.  And I just received this.

Their response

 Feb 11, 12:35:

thank you for your message.
In future you will only recive one meal- and one fruit-box.
You wrote us on monday and on monday we couldn’t cancel your orders or change them.
This is the reason you recived two boxes each.
Best regards,

My response

Actually, the first time I wrote to you was on the evening of February 3rd when the extra orders were accidentally made.  This is what I wrote in my first email.

I tried to order a classic box and a fruit box and use a coupon.  I kept getting messages that the payments failed, so I tried to use PayPal and a credit card.  My husband’s card worked, but now I look in my bank account and it appears that the other attempts also worked.  This is just a message to let you know that we only want one classic box and one fruit box for next week.

I got an email from a customer service employee on February 5th.  This is what she wrote.

Feb 5, 13:22:

thank you for your message.
You did indeed subscribe for 3 fruit and 3 classic boxes.
I cancelled 4 boxes for you. You will get the money back automatically.
Please make sure, this won’t happen again. 🙂
Best regards,
Her response is the reason I was under the impression that this issue was fixed.

I’m pretty annoyed about this.  I’m also really disappointed.  Evidently, the guy can’t count, either.  I have three classic boxes and four fruit boxes.


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