A review of Brauhaus Calwer-Eck in Stuttgart, Germany

Bill and I don’t go to Stuttgart very often.  We don’t live that close to it and we’re not all that into big cities.  Stuttgart can also be hectic because there’s a lot of traffic and not so much parking, as we found out a couple of weeks ago when we went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned.  Since I had to go back to the dentist’s office to talk to him about some major work I need done, we went to Stuttgart last night.  We took the S1 from Herrenberg to Stadmitte, since the dentist’s office is located very close to there.

The sign outdoors.

I had mentioned to Bill that since we were taking the train, it would be a good opportunity to go out to dinner in Stuttgart.  He agreed and found the Brauhaus Calwer-Eck located very close to the dentist’s office.  This eatery specializes in Swabian food and brews its own bottom-fermented, cellar fresh, unfiltered beers.  I had a feeling that after talking to the dentist, I’d probably be wanting a drink or two, so I was definitely all for trying out this place.   Oh, who am I kidding?  I don’t need a dentist’s appointment to make me want to drink beer!  But it does help ease the pain after hearing how much a dental implant is going to cost…


They have specials…


Cool steps leading up to the restaurant.


We arrived at Brauhaus Calwer-Eck at about 6:00pm.  The place was already pretty busy, though there were a few open tables.  A friendly waiter who spoke excellent English directed us to a large book that had a “reserviert” sign on it.  I guess he correctly assumed we wouldn’t be staying all night. He gave us menus in English and I spotted quite a few dishes that looked appealing.  First, I wanted to try one of the beers, since a brochure on our table mentioned that Brauhaus Calwer-Eck’s beers are “different” than most beers found in Stuttgart.  Though they are subject to the German Purity Law of 1516, the beers sold at this restaurant are neither stabilized nor pasteurized.  They are advertised as very fresh and unfiltered, containing yeast, protein, enzymes, vitamins, and natural flavors.

I started off with a hefeweizen, the only beer that came in a .5 glass.  Bill wanted a seasonal beer, but they were out.  He settled for a Brewer’s beer instead.  His beer, like most of the beers at this brauhaus came in a .3 glass.  .2 sizes are also available for a couple of the beers.

Informative menu written in English…


I decided to have “crispy pork” with a potato dumpling and gravy made with beer.  It actually turned out to be a big pork knuckle.  This was more than I could eat, but it tasted pretty good.  I especially enjoyed the beer gravy.    

Bill had beef goulash which was rich, flavorful, and hearty… and again, more than he could eat.


I enjoyed the atmosphere at Brauhaus Calwer-Eck.  It was obviously a very popular place with the locals and the interior was kind of cool looking with lots of booths, tables with stools, and a lively bar scene.  I liked the dark lighting in the restaurant and the pretty stained glass detailing on the windows.  It has an energetic vibe and would be a fun place to gather with friends.  If I had any friends, I’d probably be heading there often!

Our final bill was 43 euros.  That’s for two mid-range priced meals and four beers.  I did see rib eye steaks going for about 29 euros.  I think that was the most expensive thing on the menu, but I don’t know that for sure.

We had another round.  Bill tried the schwarzebier and I had the Brewer’s beer.  Bill’s dark beer was interesting.  It had hints of a vanilla in it that I haven’t encountered often in German beers.  The Brewer’s beer was relatively complex and refreshing.  

Our waiter was friendly, charming, and efficient.  Having done his job in the United States, I was impressed by his ability to keep everything going without losing his cool.  I kind of liked the fact that the beers were sold in smaller portions.  That way, you can try more of them without getting too drunk or overloading your bladder for the long train ride home.  We have to go to Herrenberg and that’s about 40 minutes on a train with no toilets.

Bill and I both enjoyed our meals last night, though next time I would probably order something different.  I saw some very interesting looking sausage dishes offered as well as a turkey dish with roasted potatoes that looked enticing.  There are a few dishes for vegetarians, too.

Aside from beer, the Brauhaus Calwer-Eck also offers a full range of other beverages.  They also have two kinds of beer liquor (white & spicy or brown & mild).  You can purchase their beers to take home and even enjoy a brewery tour if you have a group of up to 15 people.  They offer two types of brewery tours.  You must make an appointment in advance for your group.  The people who run this place are very business oriented and quite friendly to English speakers, so it’s also a good place to host private parties or have catering done.

Brauhaus Calwer-Eck has a sister location as well.

I took this photo on the way home because I got a kick out of the way illustrations are used to inform people about how they should behave on the train.  I especially like the ones about not being drunk or playing music for tips.

I have a feeling Bill and I will be back to Brauhaus Calwer-Eck, if only because it looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time at the dentist’s office in the coming year.  Of course, that’s if we’re still here in the coming year, which I expect and hope we will be.  Prost!


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