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Ten things I learned in Regensburg…

When I take trips, I like to reflect on the things I learn.  Regensburg was probably less educational than some of my trips are, mainly because Bill and I spent most of the weekend drinking beer.  But I do like to think about new things I learn when I go to new places.  So here goes… ten things I learned in Regensburg.

1.  Regensburg is a great town to visit if you like beer.  There are plenty of breweries around and you’ll never be thirsty.

2.  Oskar Schindler lived in Regensburg for several years.

3.  St. Peter’s Cathedral is the only gothic cathedral in Bavaria.  It’s amazing to see and has existed since the 13th century.

4.  Regensburg has a famous sausage kitchen that has been operating for centuries and remains a popular draw even today.  You can cross a bridge and see padlocks placed there by couples in love.

5.  Regensburg is an extremely well preserved medieval city with narrow passageways and cobbled streets.  It’s very charming and authentic.

6.  Because Regensburg is near popular destinations like Munich and Nuremberg, it’s not overrun with tourists.  Of course, we also visited in February, which may have made a difference.

7.  Regensburg was badly affected by a wind storm in 2008.

8.  If you need to buy a dirndl, you can find one in Regensburg.

9.  There is no shortage of German food in Regensburg… especially Bavarian cuisine.

10. Regensburg is beautiful and has a very different feel than Hamburg does.  I want to go back.


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