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Bill is home from his latest trip…

He’s been in Senegal all week on business, so I’ve been home fretting over stuff.  I have a tendency to do that sometimes.  It’s been a somewhat big week, though.  I got my new Eckbank Gruppe, which means someday maybe I can have friends over.  After several days of emails, I think we finally got everything straightened out and the furniture company will send me a bill so I can pay for the rest of the set I thought I ordered and they mistakenly delivered.  I’m pretty happy to have this new furniture.  It’s very good quality and will hopefully last forever.

Yesterday, while walking the dogs, Arran got ahold of what I think was a dead mouse.  Besides being disgusting to watch, I’m also concerned about how that mouse died.  I don’t know if Arran killed it, a cat or hawk did, it was trapped, died of old age, or was poisoned.  Although I’m guessing from the number of cats and birds of prey in this area that people around here don’t use poison to kill field mice, I don’t know for certain.  So now I worry about Arran, though I’m pretty sure he’ll be okay.  He had some pretty rancid gas last night, though.

And I worry about Zane, just because…  He woke me up in the middle of the night to throw up the other day.  He does that occasionally.  And one of the dogs– could be Zane or Arran– has had a couple of accidents.  If it’s Arran, I’m less concerned because Arran has always been a challenge in terms of his training.  Zane, on the other hand, was pretty well housebroken.  If he’s the one having accidents, he may need yet another vet visit.

This week has been so quiet that I’ve had too much time to sit around and worry about stuff that will probably not happen.  I haven’t been sleeping so well lately because of the worrying and because Zane wakes me up to puke sometimes.

But Bill is home now and a week from now, God willing, we will be in Vienna enjoying a torte and some good coffee.  Maybe we will do some karaoke, too…  Or, I will, anyway.  Bill is my groupie.  This all depends on whether or not our dogs are still living…  I’m sure they will be, but I read so many horror stories on the Internet about people trying to kill rodents with poison, and dogs and cats inadvertently eating said poison, that it freaks me out.

The boys are glad to see Daddy.

Bill brought me a pretty agate necklace from Senegal.

Pretty soon, I will have some honest to God travel posts again… provided the Germanwings pilots are mentally healthy on the days we fly.


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