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In our storage, Bill and I have a pub table and five chairs.  We used to have six chairs, but one of them broke, so we got rid of it.  I also inherited a bunch of barstools from my mom that don’t match anything.  We didn’t bring our big table and chairs with us because we were only given enough money to move 5000 pounds to Germany.  Also, I didn’t think it would survive the trip.  Our table and chairs are pretty cheap and have been slowly falling apart, thanks to all the moving we’ve done.  The table has at least one bum leg that is missing a screw or two.  We brought a small table and chairs set Bill bought at Bed, Bath, and Beyond ages ago.

About a month ago, I got tired of the shitty $100 dining set Bill and I have been using.  Bill bought that set when he was single and broke and we used it a lot when we first got married.  But it’s not very comfortable or solid.  It’s only big enough for two people and I know we’re going to have at least one more houseguest this year.  Besides, I’d been wanting an Eckbank Gruppe for ages.

When we were in the States, I actually did find a nice set on a site called Furniture from Germany.  I almost ordered it, but never got around to it.  It was rather pricey and didn’t really match my decor that well.  Even if I had bought it, we might not have been able to bring it with us because of its size.

Now that we’re here and will probably be living in Germany for awhile, I decided to order a small Eckbank Gruppe.  You’d think something like this would be easy to find in Germany.  I got one from of all places.  It’s not very fancy and, in fact, I had seen it for sale on a number of sites.  I just got the best price from a Marketplace on Amazon.  For about $766 (including shipping) I got a very solid spruce table and chairs.  I had to wait a month for it because they produce them on demand.  It arrived in seven boxes this morning, delivered by a cranky German guy who wasn’t amused by my lame attempts to speak Deutsch.

When I get it put together, it’s supposed to look like this…


After unloading all seven boxes, this is what we have so far…

I think I’ve sort of figured out how this is all supposed to fit…


Unfortunately, the directions are a series of diagrams that are a bit confusing.  Even if there were printed directions, I doubt they’d be helpful since they’d be in German.  Anyway, I see lots of holes, but they don’t seem to match up with other holes, which is usually the case with these things.  I think I might need a power drill and I don’t think we have one.  Also, I’m not a carpenter.  This may turn out to be a job for a professional…

On the other hand, these chairs (which I didn’t have to assemble) are really solid and very nice.

So is the table, which I did have to put the legs on.  I need a wrench to tighten the bolts, though, and I don’t have one…  

I like my new furniture, even if it does sort of create decorative chaos in the house.  I look forward to having it all assembled and rearranging our living room/dining room so it doesn’t look so weird now.  I wish Bill were home so we could figure this out… or hire a heimwerker to come by and do it for us.

I’m sure we will enjoy this new table and chairs and it will see many good dinners and boozy drinks.  At some point, I’ll probably want to put a new finish on it.  And now that we have a new table and chairs, we have more seating for friends.  Guess it’s time to make some.

ETA:  I just got an urgent email from the furniture company.  It was hard to figure out what it said, even with Google Chrome translation, but I think I pieced together that they were concerned that I hadn’t gotten my order.  I wrote back in English that I got the table and chairs and offered a phone number, but warned that I speak almost no German.  I’m working on it, though…  In fact, today I think I’ve used more German than I have since we got here.

Though I doubt that is what he’ll say when he tries to figure out how to construct this thing…

ETA:  Now it turns out I only paid for the corner bench and still owe for the table.  *Sigh*

ETA again:  Once I had paid for everything, it came to about 1100 euros.  I am writing this in December 2015 and, I must say, we love this table and bench set.  It’s very solid and comfortable.  The dogs love it, which means the cushions have lots of hair on them.  But it’s the right size for us.  Someday, I will stain and lacquer it.

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