Vienna, Austria Part 6… Art and Aussies!

After we walked around Vienna, Bill and I went back to the Albertina Museum.  I like art well enough, but Bill really likes it and is fascinated by graphic depictions of history.  I find art museums kind of tiring, but I always learn something when I visit them.  The Albertina had a Picasso exhibit that I thought would be interesting.  The Albertina was very busy on Saturday and we spent a couple of hours strolling through its many halls of art.  I snuck a few photos.

These three are paintings by Picasso…

Here’s one by Claude Monet.  There was also an interesting Degas exhibit.  I don’t know much about art, but I do remember seeing some of Degas’ paintings in Glasgow, Scotland when we visited a couple of years ago.  

I had to get a shot of this…

I mainly go to art museums for Bill’s sake.  I do like looking at art, but I find museums kind of overwhelming.  I prefer natural history museums to paintings.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that my dad built a second career framing artwork.

After the Albertina, it was time for lunch again.  We wandered back to the area near St. Stephan’s cathedral and almost got hit by a horse and buggy.  Actually, we weren’t in any real danger, but a guy yelled us in German to be careful anyway.  At this point, we somehow ended up in a passageway.  I never ignore alcoves or passageways when I visit cities because I find that’s where a lot of the coolest stuff is.  At the end of the passageway, we found our restaurant for lunch.  We promptly ordered a bottle of wine and I got some interesting shots of Bill…

A very nice Austrian red…


Our waiter was a very friendly and charming guy from Serbia who took good care of us…  I enjoyed salmon with potatoes and asparagus, which is in season right now.  Bill had chicken and asparagus.  TripAdvisor says this restaurant sucks, but we enjoyed ourselves.  The wait staff was very pleasant and the food was decent.

I took a photo of this lingerie shop, which was easy to see where we were sitting.  I couldn’t get over the tag line, “Lingerie to kill for…”

Before we left, we tried the Sacher torte, which is famous in Vienna.  It’s chocolate cake with apricot filling.  There was a time when Bill wouldn’t eat apricots because it’s bad luck for tankers.  Since he was a tanker in the Army, he respected the superstition.  He doesn’t avoid them now.  The torte was delicious!  The prosecco was good too.  I saw a lot of prosecco rather than champagne in Vienna.

After lunch, we strolled around another part of Vienna and ended up at the Danube.  It was lucky we went there, since we planned a day trip to Bratislava for Sunday and we wanted to take the hydrofoil boats there instead of the train.

Greek church


I love little nooks like these…

Traditional wear!

A “beachy” area on the banks of the river.

By the time we were done walking around the river, I really needed to pee.  We started heading back toward the city center.  We found a public restroom, but only the men’s restroom was open.  I really needed to go, so we ended up going to Billabong, which is an Australian restaurant with lots of Aussie beers and cuisine.  We spent an enjoyable few hours there, drinking beer, listening to music, and glancing at the soccer games on the TVs.

A wall of brews…

Bill decides what’s next…

There’s a sign on the bar that says “Drinking with tipping is like sex without orgasm.”

Bill tried the kangaroo…

I had spare ribs.  Bill ate kangaroo, which tasted a little like filet mignon to me.

Bikers passing as we enjoyed our suds and sustenance.  

We headed back to the hotel somewhat earlier.  Bill had some work he needed to get done.  Unfortunately, the beer caught up with us and we went to sleep somewhat early.


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