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Vienna, Austria Part 5… a long walk around Vienna!

Saturday morning we had glorious weather.  I donned my Keen sandals, which are the most comfortable shoes I own, and we walked back to Vienna for some breakfast.  On the way there, I took lots of photos of graffiti and signs.

Sex shop near our hotel…  

I got a kick out of these signs.  Bill says the dog picture instructs people to put dog crap in a bag.

Apparently, there is a band in Vienna called Catpiss.

Good advice.

SCUBA store…

Interesting place for beverages?

I took a picture of this ad for an insanely decadent spa…  Who needs a TV in the jacuzzi?

We ended up at Cafe Museum, yet another delightful cafe, which had a lot of tempting looking desserts.  Again, the waiters all wore tuxes.

A very nice breakfast for about 27 euros (for both of us).  One of my Facebook friends declared European breakfasts better than American ones.  Frankly, I kind of agree.  

My hot chocolate was delicious!

After breakfast, we took a very long walk around Vienna.  Originally, we were going to go to the Albertina art museum, but we were a little too early.  So we headed back to the Rathaus and rose garden areas, where I took a whole lot of photos.  There was some kind of race going on, so the Rathaus area was teeming with people and more than a few dogs.


Hawkers in period costumes were everywhere here, trying to snare people who don’t know they need to see a concert.

The JWs were also hawking their wares…

I took a photo of the 25 hour hotel with its provocative signage.  Apparently, it’s a madhouse.

Runners rounding the bend…

Tulips in bloom!

And the finish line!

Vienna promises a rose garden…

We spent some time hanging out by this family of mallards…  I also got video footage!


This sign discourages drinking the ducks’ water…  seems to go without saying!


More scenes from the city.


I was fascinated by this marble statue of a man about to be bludgeoned…

By the riding school… so beautiful!


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