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German style Mexican food, hen parties, and peeing at the Mad Scientist’s place…

This afternoon, I was in a foul mood.  My car needs repairs.  My tooth needs repairs.  My iPhone won’t back up, so I can’t unlock it and change out the SIM card.  All of these events pissed me off.  Bill suggested a trip to Tübingen might provide a much needed attitude adjustment.  So off we went in Bill’s vehicle, which was once my vehicle.  It doesn’t have a clutch, so we didn’t have to worry about being stranded as we would in my Mini (which I strongly suspect needs a new clutch).

We parked in the usual garage and Bill asked what I wanted for lunch.  I said I wanted to try some German style Mexican food.  I promise this is not something I ask for regularly.  I’m no Mexican food aficionado, but most of the German style Mexican food I’ve had has been lacking.  I did remember El Chico, though, a restaurant in Tübingen Bill and I tried last time we lived here.  It’s right above the Neckarmuller, which is one of our favorite biergartens.

On the way to El Chico, I noticed that Tübingen has a Dunkin’ Donuts.  I was sad to see it housed in a very old building.  On the other hand, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted to get donuts for Sunday morning.  I resisted the urge.  The last thing I need are “fat pills”.


When we got to El Chico, I noticed that it looked like the place had been renovated since our last visit in 2008.  It looked like a mass of funds had gussied up the restaurant quite a bit.  But I will admit the last time we ate there, we were a bit toasted on tequila and I seem to remember someone (not me) singing there.  Memories aside from that are pretty fuzzy.

Bill waits for a beer… I just noticed the plumber crack on the guy on the left…  Oops.

El Chico is very American influenced.  Check out the American styled breakfast menu.

I like how “free refilled coffee” is in English.

I actually wanted a margarita, but we weren’t there during “happy hour” and apparently margaritas weren’t available, so I had to settle for a really boring German beer.

I entertained myself with the leaflet on the table…


I decided on chicken fajitas.  Bill had beef burritos.  It looked like burritos were a hot seller at El Chico.  I also noticed one guy getting a guacamole burger.  That thing was pretty damn big.

My fajitas.  Four tortillas.  Weird rice and very bland “Mexican sauce” that tasted like tomato paste.  Aside from that, the fajitas weren’t too bad, other than me looking like a freak eating them with my hands instead of a knife and fork like proper folks eat.  The guacamole was surprisingly good.  

As you can see, Bill is very excited by his burritos.  I didn’t taste them, but he said they were alright for German Mexican food.

One parting shot as we departed…  El Chico has taquerias in Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern, and Tübingen.  The restaurant in Tübingen is the only full scale location, from what I could discern.

Couldn’t resist taking this shot…

Or this one…  There are still some things I miss about San Antonio.

Next, we went to the biergarten at Neckarmuller and spent some time watching punters and canoers while we drank beer.  We were joined by a quartet of bike riding Germans who wanted to sit near the river.  I mostly enjoyed the view, which included several hen parties and plenty of aggressive water fowl…

Can’t resist the swans.

Right after I took this photo, I almost got creamed Fabio style by a pigeon that came out of nowhere.  I had to duck and the Germans sitting with us laughed and said, “Very dangerous.”  Indeed!

Hen party in progress…

She was really putting on a show…

I want those shorts.

These two boats had a collision…  One boat was trying to avoid hitting the swan and hit another boat instead.

Sadly… a couple of the young ladies in one of those boats later blatantly littered in the river.  

Bill’s disapproval was obvious.

Muscles on display.

Swans being fed by a family with a friendly lab.

After we left the Neckamuller (and a grateful German couple claimed our table), we took a walk through a park on the Neckar River.

I have a shot just like this from 2007 or 2008…  Nothing has changed much.

Bill watches people on the river.

Somehow I missed this handy tunnel last time we lived here… it spares one a very long and arduous climb back into the city.

The other side…

Edward Snowden on a sign…

Such a pretty city…

Ducks fighting the current…

Naturally, I needed a rest stop before we went back to Jettingen.  So we stopped in to see the Mad Scientist for a small dinner.  He and his wife were happy to see us.

Bill enjoys a gyros teller (with pita).

I went with the platter…  tomatoes were replaced with beans…

No, he’s neither sleeping nor praying.

The drive on B28 is so pretty.  This used to be our neighborhood when we lived here last time.  I miss it.

I still have big plans to visit Cocina Mexicana in Vaihingen because I think that is an experience a person like me needs to have at least once.  The Mexican food at El Chico in Tübingen wasn’t bad, especially for German Mexican food.  It didn’t make me forget about Texan Mexican food, which I know is still not as good as real Mexican food.  But as I am a confirmed Gringo, I can’t say it sucked too much.  I just wish they would have given me tequila.


2 thoughts on “German style Mexican food, hen parties, and peeing at the Mad Scientist’s place…

  1. I'm not a Mexican food aficionado, either,Cthough one cannot live in California for a lifetime without eating it whether one likes it or not. The truth of the matter is that I would probably like g/erman Mexican food just as well as I like California Mexican food or even authentic Mexican food. Most of it is too damned spicy for me.My parents and my relatives and my friends' pafrents get mad at me for refusing to take even one bite of something, but I can tell by looking and smelling whether or not something will make me sick. Mexican fod is no exception to my rule.All of that being said. if I could have freshly made flour tortillas ever day for the rest of my life, i would gladly eat them. They wouldn't even have to have anything on them. I don't really like corn tortillas much, but if they're frshly made and hot off the grill, with just a touch of butter on them, they're tasty as well. I'll eat shredded beef (with tomatoes and lettuce if I KNOW it's a restaurant that washes their veggies well on an unfried flour tortilla, but that it about as adventurous as I get. I eat them with a knife and fork, making everyone here think I'm a freak. 9You would fit in perfectly here.).

  2. I'm not a fan of spicy food either. Bill loves it, though. German Mexican food is pretty bland, though some of it goes beyond being bland and just plain doesn't taste Mexican. The tomato sauce that came with my fajitas just tasted like tomato paste to me. I never ate much Mexican food until we got together. In fact, I had never had guacamole until I married Bill. He also introduced me to Chinese food and sushi. I, on the other hand, got him to eat mussels and oysters… and real grits.

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