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Saturday night, after we checked in a Hotel du Commerce in Clervaux, Luxembourg, we were too tired to go searching for the perfect meal at a stand alone restaurant.  Since the chef had checked us in and obviously had a big stake in the hotel (as in he probably owns it), we decided to just eat there.  We were invited to choose a table in the pleasant dining room.  We picked one in the corner, where I hoped we wouldn’t be too conspicuous.  Clervaux doesn’t seem to attract a lot of Americans.

The menu was in French with no English translations, which was fine with me.  I don’t speak French, but I find that reading the menus helps me learn.  Bill overheard a male waiter advising a young female waitress to let him handle us.  He asked her if she spoke English and she gave him the “sort of” hand gesture.  It was pretty funny.

Bill enjoys a little sparkling water to go with the nice tannic red he picked out…

I started with a salmon and toast appetizer.  This was kind of expensive at 14 euros,  but I was wanting protein.  It came with some raw onion and capers.  I shared a lot of it with Bill, who opted for the soup of the day.  It was a delicate vegetable soup that was pureed into creaminess.  

I enjoyed duck breast with pommes and a delicate and slightly sweet sauce…

Bill had a veal cordon bleu with mushroom sauce.  I didn’t try it because mushrooms are of the devil.

For dessert, I had delicious chocolate mousse…

Bill had a molleux.  Based on the description listed in the menu, I told him I bet it would be a lava cake.  Lo and behold, I was right.  Lava cakes are also of the devil.  Just kidding.  This was a nice dessert, but everybody is doing lava cakes.  They are EVERYWHERE.  For that reason, I don’t like them.

We end with a lovely coffee…

I think our bill for this meal was about 139 euros.  I had a brain fart, got up, and went to the room without my purse, so our waiter kindly delivered it to me.  Good thing we were staying in the hotel.  We were only stared at by one person.  She probably wondered why I was taking photos of all the food.

I enjoyed our meal at the Hotel du Commerce.  I think the food is the star attraction, rather than the accommodations, which were plenty adequate, but not all that luxurious.  I’d eat there again and would stay again… if I could find a place to park.

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