Our trip to The Netherlands via Luxembourg… part 8

On Thursday, Bill said he thought he’d probably be done with his conference early.  I decided to go to the pool, where I started reading another fascinating book.  This one is about a guy who has visited every single country on the planet.  After a suitable time allowed for the housekeeping staff to clean our room, I did some blogging.  I got tired of fighting with the terrible internet in this hotel, so I decided to go have some lunch.

This duck was fantastic… I actually had to sit and bask in the afterglow after this meal.

I had given some thought to walking back to the Centrum and maybe picking up a souvenir or two, but it turned out to be chilly and windy and I was afraid it might rain.  So for the third time this week, I went to De Heerlijekheyt, the delightful restaurant next door to the hotel, where the male waiter on staff– who bears a passing resemblance to a young Kirk Cameron (before he turned into a religious wackjob) immediately recognized me from Sunday night.  I was seated at a nice window table and enjoyed a delicious duck entree with vegetables and a couple of glasses of wine.

When I got back to the room, I felt strong enough to fight with the Internet again.  I finished my blogging.  Bill got back at about 3:00.  We enjoyed one of the bottles of wine we brought and watched TLC as Bill told me about the conference.  Then, at about 6:00, we visited De Bon Vivant, a local French inspired place that didn’t seem all that French to me.  I had been curious about it since our arrival, but we finally got around to visiting last night.  Apparently, asparagus is a specialty.  They even had asparagus inspired desserts.  We made a reservation for six o’clock, but that wasn’t really necessary.

Bill checks out the menu.


Bill tried the asparagus soup with smoked salmon while I had a soup called Grandma’s Sorrow, which was mustard based with smoked salmon.  They looked identical, but had wildly different flavors.  Both were excellent.

I had steak and asparagus.  Bill had a game stew.  Our waiter made our eyebrows raise when he said the game was fresh because it was just shot on Monday.  Good to know.  We also had frites and spinach with boiled eggs on top.  My steak came with a small dollop of mashed potatoes and Hollandaise sauce.  It was all a bit much, though very tasty.

We weren’t going to have dessert, but were talked into it… I had an Irish coffee and Bill had a D.O.M. coffee, which was made with some liqueur whose name escapes me right now.  I think it might have been B&B.


A very pleasant female waitress came in a little later than her colleagues and talked to us.  She asked if we were there for business or pleasure.  We explained that we were in Apeldoorn on business and headed to Haarlem and Amsterdam for my birthday.  She said Apeldoorn will seem rustic in comparison.  Not so many trees as you head west.  I am very impressed by how pretty Apeldoorn is.  It’s been a nice place to spend the week.  I wouldn’t mind coming back.

Outside the restaurant.

The tree lined main drag.

I guess some Dutch folks don’t like the police, either.

Before we go to Haarlem, we will stop by Apenheul, which is a primate zoo park where monkeys walk freely among the masses…  should be fun.


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