Nagold on a nasty hot July day… lunch at Hotel Adler

is still a lot of fun!

The hot temperatures have been getting me down this weekend because they have made me not want to venture out.  We bought a new air conditioner yesterday that is keeping my office much cooler and more pleasant; but it’s no help out and about, where a lot of places are hotter than the dickens, as my mom would put it.  Still, I was in a bit of a mood, so I told Bill that I wanted to go out for a little while.  I suggested we visit Nagold, since it’s very close to where we live, has restaurants we haven’t tried, and is super cute.  An added bonus is that free parking is plentiful on Sundays and holidays.

We dropped by the bank for euros and I stopped to take a photo of the tower… and the kids playing in the fountain.  We saw at least two fountains with kids in them as well as a kid swimming in the river. Nagold is very kid friendly.

We decided to try a new restaurant for lunch.  The first time we visited Nagold last fall, I had noticed a cute little gasthaus near the river.  Hotel Adler offers Schwabish fare.  It’s a bit pricey, but you get a very elegant meal for your euros.  One of the proprietors stuck her head out the window as we were perusing the menu and said hello, so we decided to go in.  Of course, we were the only ones in the dining room, though they do have an outdoor area.  No one was sitting out there, either.  Everybody was eating ice cream at the ice cafes or hanging out by the river, where there was a small fest going on.

An obligatory face from Bill…

I ordered a weizenbier from Hochdorf.  Bill had a radler.  We also had some water with gas.  The restaurant offers some nice traditional German dishes, but my mind was on fish, since it was so hot outside.  Bill also had fish.  I am not sure anyone spoke English at all.  Fortunately, Bill speaks some German and I am improving by the day (though I still suck).  We were able to get by relatively successfully.  Our waitress wore a dirndl, though the rest of the staff was casually attired.  The dining room was really beautiful, though it was also the reception area.

Bill’s zander filet with mustard sauce and pfefferlingen mushrooms.  It came with a big bowl of noodles.

My dish was a Black Forest trout with salted potatoes and a lemon sauce.  I was glad the sauces were served on the side, since they were a little heavy for such a hot day.  Still, they were tasty.

I might have been tempted to try dessert.  They had a few that were inviting.  However, I was well satiated after this lunch and wanted to get out into the breeze.  It was very hot in the restaurant and even the owners conceded that most people wouldn’t be comfortable in there today.  A couple of fans would have made the dining room a lot more temperate, though maybe the few really hot days Germany gets every year aren’t worth the investment.  

We really enjoyed the Hotel Adler and will go back when the weather is a little more hospitable.  I would definitely recommend it to others.  They do have a children’s menu, though the offerings appear to be more skewed toward adults.  The dining room is lovely and so are the people.

After lunch, we stepped into the museum next door, which was open and offering free admission.  Only the first floor was open, but it was cool in there both temperature and exhibit wise.  The current exhibit is basically about Nagold during Hitler’s era.  The displays all had explanations in German, but I understood enough to get the basic gist.  Apparently, Nagold was quite the hot spot during the Nazi regime.  If you are interested in World War II in Germany, the museum may make a worthwhile stop in Nagold.

A man and some kids were punting.  We watched them, then wandered across the bridge toward Nagold’s awesome park.  There are public bathrooms there, which is a good thing to know.

The park has a little miniature train that was popular with kids…

There’s also a fun looking playground…

Dogs are not allowed on the green spaces, though they can be walked on the paved trail.  Please clean up your shit.

And there’s a Keltenfest at the end of the month… we might have to check this one out.  My German friend says special beer will be offered.


I had been giving thought to visiting Nagold’s freibad, but figured it would be ridiculously crowded.  And it was…

The pool has a great water slide, a high dive, volleyball courts, a kiddie pool, a sand area, and playground equipment.  It was really teeming with people today, though.

It’s four euros for a ticket per adult, which you buy from the machine…  Tickets for kids are 2,50 euros.  You get a price break if you come after 5:30 pm.  Then, the price drops to 2,50 euros per adult and 2 euros for kids.  Season passes are also available.

I snapped a quick shot of the band in the distance.  There was a Christian band, then a girl tried to sing Adele.  She wasn’t too bad… looked a bit young and could probably use a little vocal instruction.  The band was good, though.

Nagold is so cute.  We need to visit more often.  When the weather is milder, we will have to check out the ruins that sit on a hilltop in Nagold.  I know nothing about them, but think they look cool.

I have yet to be disappointed by a trip to Nagold.  I am starting to feel the same way about Nagold as I do about Tuebingen.  My mom will be visiting in a couple of weeks and this is one place we will take her.


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