A dry spell…

It’s been a bit of a dry week for travel posts.  I’ve been home alone all week and haven’t been arsed to go out, so I’ve had nothing to write about.  I have been doing some thinking about places I want to visit, but I’ve already written extensively about that.  So here I sit, waiting until tomorrow morning when Bill gets home.

I am excited that in two weeks, we’ll be headed to Austria for a few days.  And Labor Day is coming up.  We’re not going anywhere for Labor Day this year because by the time it occurred to us to go somewhere, we figured the Hunde Hotel Haase would be fully booked.  I guess we’ll try to do some stuff locally.  I still haven’t been to the Ritter Sport Factory or the Porsche Museum.  There are other, lesser known places I want to check out, too.

The summer flew by and that’s a good thing.  I love fall in Germany!  Bring it on!


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