Bill is home!

He arrived yesterday morning, missing his bright purple Red Oxx garment bag.  Much to the credit of the staff at Frankfurt Airport, the bag was returned yesterday afternoon.  My neighbors collected it because we went to the Real for provisions.  While we were at the Real, I spotted this in the condiment aisle.

I didn’t buy any so I don’t know what it is…  some say it’s Thousand Island dressing.

It looks pretty gross and caused quite the commentary on Facebook.  Maybe they were going for McDonald’s “special sauce”?  I have seen McDonald’s brand ketchup being sold here too, though it seems to me they used Heinz.

We decided to go to Tommi’s Bistro last night for dinner.  It had been closed since late July, so I was glad to see it open again.  We had steak, fries, and wine, lots of good conversation, and some disco music.  And we were waited on by Danni, our favorite Tommi’s waitress!

Bill tells me about Africa while we wait for dinner…

Never disappoints!

I learned that Tommi’s next jam session is on September 11th.  Unfortunately, we will be going to Austria that day.  Well, actually, it’s not unfortunate, since I have been looking forward to this trip for awhile now.  But I am sorry to miss the live music.  Maybe we’ll get back there for October’s jam session, which is on the 8th.

It’s great to have Bill home again.  I always miss him when he’s gone.  I’m not sure what we’ll do today.


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