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It’s becoming customary for Bill and me to go out on Friday nights.  Last night, I was thinking maybe we’d go to the big city, since Bill was home early for Labor Day weekend.  But Bill had noticed a local restaurant was offering a pumpkin soup that sounded good.  It was a restaurant we had not yet visited and is close enough to our house to walk to, so we decided to try it out.

The front door of Zum Schiff, a local Gasthaus…

Nautical theme abounds…


We walked into the restaurant and climbed a flight of stairs to the very charming dining room where several gentlemen were already seated at the small bar, enjoying Friday evening beers.  We were invited to sit anywhere, so we chose a table in the corner, away from the bar and offering me the chance to see most everything going on.  The bartender/chef brought us a couple of large beers and we checked out the menu.


This was the extent of the food offered, though they did have a couple of specials posted on a chalkboard outside…


Bill ended up not ordering the pumpkin soup, even though that was what had attracted him to Zum Schiff in the first place.  Instead, he ordered the Zweibelrostbraten mit Brot und Salat (onion roast beef with bread and salad).  I had the Lachsfilet an Hummer Sauce mit Tagliatelle (salmon filet with lobster sauce and tagliatelle).  My iPhone came in handy, since I didn’t know what a Hummer was… in German, anyway.

The evening proceeded at a leisurely pace and a few more folks showed up.  The female proprietor obviously knew them and was giving them enthusiastic greetings.  I could tell this was a very popular local place.

This bread was excellent, mainly because of the butters served with them.  The one in the square dish was mixed with dill and onion.  Reminded me of sour cream and onion flavoring on potato chips.  The one in the round dish was horseradish and what tasted like cilantro or something similar.  It was very good.

Obligatory shot of Bill.

Salad.  Bill’s looked just like this, only his had some potato salad on the bottom.  He said it was excellent.

The lady running the place brought out salt and what looked like a bottle of wine.  At first, we thought maybe it was an advertisement for a specific bottle.  But then Bill noticed it something different…

You might think we ordered wine…

And we discovered that the wine bottle was actually a pepper grinder…

Then it was time for the main course.  I was pleasantly surprised by how beautifully it was presented…

Wildflowers on the plate… nice touch!

Both dishes were very good.  My salmon was cooked perfectly.  Bill’s beef was very tender and juicy.  I noticed it was somewhat rare.  He did mention that the cut had a little bit of gristle and fat, but tasted fine.  The gravy was especially nice.  They also brought out more bread.  I couldn’t eat all that was offered.

The wine pepper grinder made us decide to have wine for dessert.  I had a Bardolino and Bill had a very rich Sicilian wine called Nero D’avola.  It reminded me of port.

By the time we got our wine, more people were coming in and being greeted by the friendly hostess.  When I saw someone with a piece of cake with a candle in it, I realized it was someone’s birthday.  I noticed a few folks peeking over and Bill and me, probably wondering what two Americans were doing in a little gasthaus in a place like Jettingen.  Finally, the bartender/chef came over to talk to us and asked if we lived in the town.  I guess he figured that would be the only reason we’d be hanging out there.  That was the first English we spoke to the staff all evening.  It was kind of refreshing.

After we ate, we went to Tommi’s for more wine…  I am feeling it today.  Tommi’s is located two doors down from Zum Schiff.


Overall, we had a nice evening.  We will definitely go back to Zum Schiff next time we’re in the mood for some very authentic German gasthaus fare.

2 comments on “Zum Schiff in Unterjettingen…

  1. sounds like exactly the kind of place hubs would love too. He'll be in Munich during January, but that's a bit far for him to go while he's there.

  2. knotty says:

    Not to worry. Charming gasthauses are everywhere in Germany. Ted won't have a problem finding good eats in Munich.

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