The Haslacher Hof…

So many times over the past year, I have passed the Sporthalle Gastatte Haslacher Hof.  This is a German restaurant in a sportsplatz, which is a very common thing around here.  I noticed that the parking lot for this restaurant is always pretty full, which usually means the food is good.  I wasn’t in the mood for our third Hello Fresh meal this week, so I told Bill we should try this restaurant, which we had been meaning to do for months.

Nice shot of the outside.  Parking is free and plentiful.

We arrived at about 6:00 or so.  A few tables were set, along with what appeared to be a table for a large party.  We got a few curious glances as we came in.  I got the sense the staff at this restaurant is used to regulars and as first timers, we attracted attention.  The food served at the Haslacher Hof is distinctly German and the beer they serve is Hochdorf.

Given my mycophobic nature, I was a little horrified by the mushroom art.  They were otherwise decorated for Halloween.


I settled on the schweineschnitzel rather quickly.  It came with a side salad and a side dish.  I chose pommes, but there were several sides offered.  Bill went with the gypsy schnitzel.  As we waited for our food, I looked around and was kind of reminded of a fellowship hall at a church.  The dining room was very functional, complete with folding room dividers, views of the surrounding countryside, and music from a local pop radio station.

This salad was interesting.  There were little mounds of vegetables within it.  A mound of potato salad.  A mound of minced carrots.  A mound of radishes and cabbage and green beans.  I didn’t care for the dressing, which was a little too yogurty for me.  I’m not a fan of milk and if I’m not careful, the taste of it will turn my stomach.  Bill loves milk, so he liked it.  And if I had wanted to, I could have taken what was left of my salad to go.  That was a favor offered, not requested.  Loved the cucumbers cut like waffle fries.

My schnitzel.  It tasted very good and was a manageable size.  The pommes were also good.  

Bill loved his dish, the Ziguenerschnitzel, which he chose over a turkey schnitzel.

This particular restaurant apparently specializes in cakes.  I didn’t see any slices offered on the menu, but you can order them whole.  Though neither Bill nor I needs any calories from cakes, we might just have to do that sometime because the pictures on their Web site look good.  A children’s menu is also available.

We left as the party was cranking up.  Looked like people were going to have a good time and I could tell that this restaurant enjoys a regular clientele who visit frequently.  Our bill was 37 euros.  Bill bumped it up to 40 and now we’re home, enjoying what is left of our Saturday.  I’m thinking about going to bed early.


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