Good eats… a local restaurant guide

Since Bill and I don’t get to travel as much as we’d like to, a lot of the posts on this blog are restaurant reviews.  If I can’t go somewhere cool over the weekend, I do at least like to go out to eat.  I know a lot of readers currently live near Stuttgart and are looking for good restaurants.  In the interest of making that task easier, I’ve decided to make a list of my reviews of local restaurants.  I have reviewed some places a few times.  Click the link to get to the first blog post, then you can click the tags to find follow up posts.  There are other restaurants we’ve tried but I haven’t reviewed.  I’ll get to them eventually.

I will add to this post as I try other places.  When it gets too long and obnoxious, I’ll make a new post.


Abacco’s Steakhouse- Steak

Steakhouse in downtown Stuttgart very close to Dr. Blair’s dentist office.  Steaks come served on hot stones and guests are basically charged with cooking them to their desired doneness.  Full bar and other options besides steak for those who want something different.  I’d like to go back and try one of their burgers.

Ampulle- Steak

Beef and gin restaurant located near the Feuersee S-Bahn stop in Stuttgart.  Very meat focused menu, with only a couple of options for non meat eaters.  Good food and service, but beware of large portions and cigar smokers in the bar area.

Bärenschlössle- German self-service/Biergarten

Self-service German restaurant at the Rotwildpark in Stuttgart.  Very pleasant place for lunch and inexpensive.  They offer light meals and desserts.

Besitos: Tapas y Mas- Spanish/tapas

Chain restaurant with eight locations in Germany, located right across the street from Calwer Strasse. Nice selection of tapas and a few main dishes.  Lively bar scene that seems popular with young people.  Decent service and reasonable prices.  Nothing really special, but not bad for a quick stop.

Block House- Steak

Chain restaurant with two locations in Stuttgart.  Very generous portions that include sides and salads.  A la carte service is also available.  Very casual and seems to be popular with Americans.

Brauhaus Calwer Eck- German

Typical German pub food.  Lots of pork, dumplings, and spatzle… and beer, too.  Service is friendly and professional, but you have to climb a flight of stairs to get to the dining room.  I like the ambiance; it’s kind of dark and cozy.  Very close to Dr. Blair’s dentist office downtown.

China Garden- Chinese

This restaurant gets terrible reviews on Google, but we had a good experience there.  Nice menu with something for everyone.  Good food; pleasant staff; and decent ambiance.

Christophorus- Steak

Very nice restaurant at the Porsche Museum.  Pricey, and reservations are a must!  But the steak is outstanding and the service is impeccable.  Good place for a special occasion or if you want to impress someone.  For those who don’t like steak, other dishes are available.

Cortijo- Spanish

This is a popular downtown restaurant that offers outdoor seating, Flamenco dancing, guitar music, and Spanish dishes like paella and flan.  We went for a late lunch/early dinner and want to try it again at dinner time, when the stars come out.  Nice change of pace.

Cube- German, International

Cube is a lovely restaurant that overlooks Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz and sits at the top of the Stuttgart Art Museum.  Food is fresh and creatively prepared, coupled with lively jazz music and good wine.  Reservations are recommended, especially at dinner.  We ate there during the winter, but I have heard it’s not air conditioned during the warmer months, so you may want to plan accordingly.  There is free WiFi at Cube.

Delice- German/International

Very small venue but excellent food.  Reservations are a must for this five star restaurant with excellent service, inventive cuisine, and prices to match.  Great place for a special occasion or romantic evening.  Must for foodies.

Der Zauberlehrling- German/International

I actually visited and reviewed this hotel restaurant in 2008, but reposted the review because it’s kind of a nice place for a date.  We booked it via OpenTable.de and had a really good culinary adventure there.  It’s a bit pricey, though.  We visited again in 2017.

Desiree- Spanish/tapas

Tapas bar in Stuttgart’s Markthalle.  Good food at reasonable prices, but not everything is available all day.  It’s a good place for a snack, though, if you happen to be in Stuttgart between meals.  Nice outdoor area, great for people watching.

Finch- German, International

Finch is the restaurant at Wald Hotel in Degerloch.  It’s a bit pricey, but the food and service are five star.  Reservations are a must; it’s a small restaurant.  I also recommend staying in the hotel, if you can.  It’s a lovely place to stay.

Five- International

Five is a very interesting restaurant with cool music, decor, and imaginatively prepared international cuisine.  Prices are rather high in the restaurant, but they do have a nice bar area where lighter fare at a lower price is available.  Not kid friendly, but a good place for a date if you like contemporary cuisine presented with an artistic flair.  Good for a splurge, especially if you like surprise menus.

Felix- Brunch, buffet, and bar

Modern looking restaurant near the Liederhalle with a popular brunch buffet on Sundays and a very nice looking bar.  Can be a bit noisy.  Offers a regular menu.  Very casual.

Kikuya- Japanese/sushi

Pleasant sushi restaurant on Calwer Strasse in downtown Stuttgart.  You can either sit at the long table sans shoes or at the bar or pub tables with your shoes.  The sushi is very good and Bill enjoyed lots of fried delights.

La Commedia-  Italian

Bill and I booked this restaurant through OpenTable.de, a restaurant reservation service.  We chose it because it’s located near the Liederhalle and we were going to a concert there.  The food is good.  The ambiance is energetic and not very romantic.  We enjoyed our meal there anyway.

La Nuova Trattoria da Franco- Italian

Chic Italian eatery in downtown Stuttgart (Calwer Strasse) whose kitchen stays open all day.  Fresh food, good service, and reasonable prices.

Luftbad Restaurant Der Grieche im Grünen- Greek and German
Decent restaurant in Degerloch, located in a sports complex.  Food is pretty ordinary, but there’s plenty of it and it tastes fine.  Prices are a little high for what you get.  Not bad… not great.

Maredo- Steak

Chain restaurant with locations throughout Germany and three in Austria.  Good food at a fair price.  Steaks are surprisingly good.  A little something for everyone.  Very casual.

Marktstüble- Typical German food

Inexpensive eatery at the Markthalle that serves German and Schwabish food.  Schnitzels, pork dishes, salads, soups, and the like are available.  Nice outdoor area for good weather.  Professional wait staff.  Good location if you’re shopping.

[M]eatery- Steak

Nice place to get a steak in Stuttgart, but a bit pricey.  Come with a big appetite and a credit card or lots of cash.   Dry aged steaks are available, as are a number of different cuts of meat.

Paulaner am altern Postplatz-  German

This restaurant is super convenient to Dr. Blair’s dentist office in downtown Stuttgart.  We happened to find it the other day after a cleaning and enjoyed some great German food.  They have spare ribs the first Monday of every month, fresh beer from the tap, and yummy chicken (which isn’t always easy to find).

Pier 51- Steak and lobster

Popular restaurant in Stuttgart known for steak and lobster.  Our first visit was a bit disappointing due to the service.  The food is pretty good, though.

Positano- Italian

Italian food in a very old building with creaky floors and tiny dining rooms.  They don’t shut down the kitchen during the afternoon, so it’s a good bet if you’re hungry after regular lunch hours.  Very fair prices, but food is kind of average.  Extensive menu that has something for everyone.

Primo Ristorante X Vineria- Italian

Pleasant Italian eatery and wine bar in downtown Stuttgart.  Offers al fresco dining in the warm months.  We experienced exceptionally good service there and the food was also a hit.

Reiskorn- Asian fusion/vegan/vegetarian/lactose free/gluten free

We really loved this little place in downtown Stuttgart with its creative menu that caters to people with special dietary needs.  The atmosphere is a bit noisy and crowded, but the food is very interesting.  Highly recommended.

Ristorante da Maurizio- Italian

It appears this restaurant is now called Aria Enoteca.  The first link will take you to my review when it was still Ristorante da Maurizio.  I haven’t tried it in its latest incarnation, but it looks promising.

Safran- Persian

Lovely Persian cuisine at a downtown location near the Liederhalle.  Delicious grilled chicken, lamb, and beef/veal dishes, as well as vegetarian selections.  Cool goldfish pond and wonderful warm hospitality.  Reasonable prices.  A great choice for when you’re looking for something different.

Schweine Museum- German (pork)

The restaurant at the Schweine Museum is run by the same people who run the Ampulle Beef and Gin Bar.  There’s a great biergarten there, along with plenty of indoor seating.  Vegetarians and vegans may be a little challenged, but otherwise, there are a few options for non pork eaters.  If you like your pig, you will be in Heaven.  They have a whole lot of pork dishes to choose from, everything from burgers to t-bones.

The Gardener’s Nosh- Breakfast/health food

Little eatery on Calwer Strasse in downtown Stuttgart.  Offers a lot of egg inspired dishes, like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Hemingway, as well as sandwiches, salads, and French toast.

Top Air- International

Michelin starred restaurant at Stuttagart’s airport.  Very high class cuisine served in many courses and tiny portions.  Bring your credit card and prepared to be wowed by a chef’s artistry and creativity.  Be sure to book in advance, since there are only eight tables.

Tschito-Gwrito- Georgian (Republic of Georgia)

Absolutely fabulous Georgian cuisine in downtown Stuttgart.  Lovely Georgian wines by the glass or by the bottle, as well as a range of non-alcoholic beverages.  A great choice if you’re interested in something different.  Go with an open mind and be prepared to be amazed.  This restaurant has some items that are always available and others that can be pre-ordered.

Vereinsgaststätte TSV 07 Stuttgart- German/Schwabish

Decent Gasthaus near the Waldhotel in Degerloch.  Offers the usual Schwabish and German delights, like Schnitzel.  They also, curiously, have Corona beer.  Friendly service, good food, and convenient if you’re in the area watching sports or staying at the hotel.

Weber Restaurant- German/International/Thai

This restaurant seems to specialize in Thai food, but offers dishes for everyone, from Argentinian roast beef to vegan dishes to Italian pasta.  I recommend the Thai dishes, since that’s what they seem to push the most.  Bill and I enjoyed eating Thai inspired food here, even if the restaurant’s name doesn’t suggest Thai food.  I loved the green peanut curry soup.  Weber shuts down in the afternoon for a pause.

Yaz Eine Prise Oriental- Middle Eastern

Great, inexpensive, Middle Eastern restaurant on Calwer Strasse.  Offers a wide range of choices, even for vegetarians and vegans.  I think they also have gluten free dishes, too.  You can have a big platter of food or a tasty soup and salad or sandwich.  Highly recommended.


Allerheiligen Gaststätte- German

Simple German food near the Allerheiligen falls.  Open until 6:30pm, but serves food continuously throughout the day.  Excellent fresh trout, Black Forest cake, and pork dishes.  Also has menus for seniors, children, and vegetarians.  A good bet if you’re headed to the falls!

Bad Rippoldsau

Klösterle Hof- German/Swabian

Very good food at a hotel restaurant that was once a monastery.  Fresh trout, comforting local dishes, friendly and professional wait staff, and very nice wine list.  Highly recommended, especially after a hike!


Gasthof Sonne- German/Swabian

This “laid back” gasthaus is located just down the hill from Bebenhausen Monastery.  Typical Swabian fare is offered… lots of sausages and schnitzels.  They have a nice Biergarten for good weather.  Service is friendly and professional and prices are reasonable.


Check Inn Foodport- German/International

Aviation themed restaurant at Flugfeld.  Hearty meals, children’s menu, and a nice wine list.  Afterwards, you can head downstairs and try out the flight simulator, if you have the means.

The Mineraltherme- International

If you’re headed to the Mineraltherme Böblingen for a few hours in the pools, you might want to make time for lunch.  They have a great little bistro that offers healthy and delicious food.  Just be prepared for occasional nudity.  😉

HendlBurg (renamed from HendlHouse)- German chicken chain

The HendlHouse is a chain restaurant that offers chicken dishes.  I’m pretty sure the location in Böblingen was once a WienerWald, which is another chain restaurant specializing in chicken.  I think there is a WienerWald located nearby, but we haven’t been to it yet.  The HendlHouse has really good chicken and is a casual place, great for kids.  Parking may be challenging, though the restaurant has a couple of spots for guests.

Brauhaus Schoenbuch- German

A very popular place for Americans, especially the ones living near Panzer.  Huge tables and good beer make it a popular place for groups to meet up for lunch.  The food and service are good and it’s a good go to place to eat when you need lunch and it’s close to 2:00.  There’s a nice biergarten and place for kids to play.  Plenty of parking.

Restaurant Waldheim- German

Posting this listing for nostalgia’s sake.  Restaurant Waldheim was a beloved place for 35 years.  The owners moved their restaurant to Renningen and I haven’t yet had the chance to try it.  Hope to get there soon.  Restaurant Waldheim is now located in Renningen.  The location referenced in my review is defunct.

Ristorante Monte Cassino- Italian

Cute place right outside of Panzer Kaserne.  Reasonable prices and lots of free parking.  I have had better Italian food elsewhere, but this place is a good bet for lunch.  They have pizza, pasta, meat, and seafood dishes.  Next time we go, I will try something other than the pasta, which is what I’ve had both times I’ve visited.

Seegärtle Restaurant-Cafe-Bar- Burgers/Biergarten

Pleasant restaurant downtown near the lake.  Biergarten is nice during the warm months.  Service was friendly and prices were reasonable.  I liked the pastrami sandwich.

Wichtel Hausbrauerei- Pizzas, Flammkuechen, Schnitzel, Biergarten

Casual, family friendly brewery at the Flugfeld.  Reasonable prices, friendly service, decent food.  Kids menu.

Zum Reussenstein- Swabian

Very nice family owned restaurant and hotel in a residential area. Swabian cuisine freshly prepared by a TV chef.  Reservations are necessary, especially on weekends.  The restaurant also has a gourmet shop.


Ratsstube- German

This place was a lifesaver when we found ourselves in Calw after lunch hours.  We were there during asparagus season and I had lots of ham and white asparagus during our visit.  Very economical and big portions.  It’s a great place to people watch, too, because it’s right in the main square.

Schönbuch Bräu Brauhaus- German

This is the Calw location of the brauhaus most of us Americans known and love in Böblingen.  The menu and prices are the same and the service is kind and efficient.  I think I like it better than the one near Panzer.  The inside of it reminds me of a church.

Agais- Greek

I have a lot of posts about Agais, which is a Greek restaurant near where we lived the first time we lived in the Stuttgart area. The post I linked to above is about one of our more recent visits. We like to visit Agais because we like the guy who owns it and his wife and they can use the business.

Im Gärtle- German (and an art museum)

Very cool German/Swabian restaurant on top of a hill in Entringen.  Traditional food and good service.  Lots of artwork on display.  Kid and pet friendly and you can pay with a credit card.  Free parking.  We had a nice Valentine’s Day dinner there.


HendlBurg- Chicken/chain restaurant

Specializes in yummy roasted chicken.  Also offers other choices for non chicken eaters.  This is a chain, but it’s worth a stop if you like chicken.

Sommer- Biergarten/cafe

We didn’t actually eat at Sommer, though I did notice they had food. We stopped there for a round of drinks while showing my mom around Esslingen. I need to get back to Esslingen to try out some of the places there, but we’re not that convenient to the town and you know how A8 is.


El Mero Mexicano- Mexican

Surprisingly good Mexican food, especially for Germany.  I loved the guacamole, which actually looked like guacamole instead of green snot.  There are no fajitas on the menu, but they do have a rotating menu as well as regular items.  May be worth a visit if you miss Mexican food, but book ahead.


Turmbrau- German/brew pub

Nice restaurant that serves typical Swabian fare and has a nice Biergarten.  Sometimes there’s also live entertainment at night.  Good food, good service, and fair prices.  It’s usually busy when we visit.


Buffalo Grill and Bar- Burgers, steaks, appetizers

Nice place on the main drag that serves 100% beef burgers and steaks from the USA, Australia, and Argentina.  We have so far tried the burgers are were very impressed!  Highly recommended.  As of July 31, 2018, Buffalo Grill and Bar is CLOSED.


Ristorante Pizzeria II Vecchio Lamm- Italian

Nice family run place.  Reasonable prices.  Parking may be a challenge, but obviously well-loved by locals.  Offers pizza, pasta, and meat dishes.

The Haslacher Hof- German
Typical German restaurant connected to a sportsplatz.  Appears to be very popular with the locals.  Parking is plentiful and food is typical German fare.  It’s a good place for a schnitzel.


Asia Gourmet Imbiss- Asian/Thai/Sushi

Small restaurant offering Thai inspired dishes and sushi.  Very kind man operates the restaurant, but did not appear to speak English.  Very economical and good food.  I will have to go back and try the sushi.

Cafe Atlelier- Cafe/Greek

This cute little cafe offers a small Greek inspired menu and lots of yummy looking pastries.  Prices are very reasonable, although the proprietor isn’t as friendly as his wife is.  Seems to be popular with ladies who lunch.

Cafe Gelataria La Piazza- Ice cream/Pizza/Pasta

A great go to Sunday restaurant in Herrenberg.  Serves pizza and pasta all day.  Offers breakfast and delicious desserts and cocktails.

China Panda- Asian/Chinese/Thai

Economical restaurant with ample parking and a nice buffet.  Good food and friendly service.  Seems to be a local favorite.

Restaurant Thermopyle- Greek

Decent Greek restaurant near the train station, memorable for their garlicky t’zatziki and crinkly fries.  It’s a local favorite, though I have had better Greek food elsewhere.

Gasthaus Lamm- German (pub food)

Extremely cute and cozy German place.  Very popular with the locals, so you may need reservations to get a table.  Good food and reasonable prices.  Portions are huge.  Beer is cold and tasty.  You’ll love it if you like quaint little German places with hearty food.

Hanoi Pho- Vietnamese/Asian

Very reasonably priced restaurant that specializes in Vietnamese food and also serves some German style Chinese favorites.  Nice ambiance in the restaurant and an outdoor area for when the weather is nice.

Hotel Gasthof Hasen- German

A lovely place to eat a nice meal, the Hotel Gasthof Hasen is connected to a hotel.  It’s kind of a “smart” place to eat.  Service is excellent and the food is a touch on the elegant side.  Parking is available.  I have been meaning to go back since our visit last year.

Mauerwerk- German/Thai/eclectic

Cool restaurant/theater in what used to be a church.  Has a cool brick facade on the inside.  Very good contemporary cuisine, beautifully presented.  Right on the main drag in Herrenberg.  Has a youthful vibe, though not really a kid friendly place.  Reservations recommended.

Naturfreundehaus am Schönbuch- German self-service/biergarten

This is a pleasant, cheap place to eat right across from nature trails overlooking Herrenberg’s outskirts.  Food and beverages are self-service.  You order; they give you a number; and you pick up your food.  Afterwards, you bus your table.  Food is good, filling, and inexpensive and you get to look at beautiful natural scenery.  Parking is free and plentiful.

Osteria da Gino- Swabian/Italian

Very cute little place right off the main market square in Herrenberg.  Excellent food and good service.  Good wine list!  Reservations recommended.

Ristorante Del Sole- Italian/Pizza

Pleasant restaurant on Seestrasse.  Nice biergarten when the weather is good and a broad selection of pizzas, pastas, and salads, as well as fish and meat dishes.  Reasonable prices and competent service.


Ocean’s First- Seafood

Cool restaurant in a corporate complex in Holzgerlingen.  Seafood is fresh, not frozen.  A lot of what is offered you could find in other local restaurants, though they do have an impressive lobster dish.  Very friendly service and an awesome terrace.  Recommended for seafood lovers, though they do also have items for those who don’t like seafood.  Ocean’s First is NOW CLOSED.

Restaurant Veranda- Russian/former Soviet cuisine

This restaurant is in the same location the former Ocean’s First was in.  It offers a brunch on Sunday, as well as a broad variety of dishes from around the former Soviet Union.  We saw choices ranging from Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Uzbek dishes.  Full bar and wine list.  Good service and reasonable prices.  Highly recommended, especially if you speak any Russian.


da Enzo- Italian

Fantastic pizza from a stone oven.  Great fresh pasta.  Very kid friendly! We really enjoyed our visit to this restaurant and I think we’ll be regulars soon.  NOTE: da Enzo appears to be owned by different people now.  It’s been closed for awhile and recently reopened with a new name.  We haven’t yet tried it since the name changed, though the food still appears to be Italian.  Will update ASAP.

Tommi’s Bistro- Steak

This place rocks.  Best steak we’ve had in Germany anywhere.  They also have live music– concerts and open mic nights.  Friendly wait staff and good wine.  Go.  And try the Argentinian dry aged beef.  Or the Irish beef.  Tommi’s Bistro is now CLOSED.  However, in November 2019, the owner is opening a new place in Nagold called Bahnhof 1872. 

Pizzeria da Piero – Italian
This is a typical Italian place in Jettingen.  You can get pizza, pasta, and a few other main courses.  Last time we went there, we had shrimp and fish, but Bill has often stopped there for takeout pizza and pasta when we had no motivation to cook.  Service is good and they have a play area for kids.  There’s also a nice covered biergarten open in the summer months.  There is a small parking lot.

Restaurant Bei Stefan- Greek, burgers

Located in a sportsplatz near Jettingen’s Real, this is a restaurant with good food at reasonable prices. We tried Greek food when we visited, but we could have tried one of the burgers, which looked good.   Unfortunately, Germans don’t usually do burgers the way I’d prefer them.  Maybe one day I’ll get brave.  Very handy if you’re shopping.

Zum Schiff- German
Charming gasthaus on the main drag through Jettingen.  We live close enough to walk there, but there is some limited parking near the restaurant.  The menu is limited, but what they do, they do well.  The proprietor appears to be friends with everyone who visits her.  I don’t think she speaks English, but others working there do.
Taverne beim Griechen- Greek
This is probably my favorite place to get Greek food near where I live.  It’s located in a sportsplatz and offers plenty of seating, especially for groups.  The menu includes the usual Greek specialties, but they also have several delicious fish dishes.  The owner speaks English, though I don’t think most of the wait staff does.  It doesn’t matter to us.  The food is great!
Taverne bei Dimi- Greek
Another Greek place.  We go here pretty often because it’s really close to our house.  The brother and sister team who run it are really nice and they have slot machines and a smoking area for those so inclined.  The food is also good and they offer takeout, which Bill took advantage of last night.  Dimi’s is now under new ownership and has apparently turned into a bar where people smoke and gamble.  We haven’t been back since the place changed hands.


Ristorante Campioni- Italian

Excellent Italian restaurant connected to a sportsplatz.  They have pizza, pasta, and fancier dishes for the inclined.  I recommend making reservations if you’re going on the weekend.  It was packed when we visited.

Krone Gasthaus- German

Traditional German gasthaus with creatively prepared dishes.  I had some really good beef there accompanied by horseradish sauce.  I haven’t been back since we moved to Jettingen, but we enjoyed our one visit there.

Cheap Eats- Greek

Okay, that’s not really the name of the restaurant, but I am listing it because it’s super cheap… In the blog post, you can see a picture of the menu proving that I’m not lying.


Eselsmühle im Siebenmühlental- Self-service/German/Health

Cute little cafe that serves schnitzels, salads, soups, and sausages.  Kind of a self-service place.  You may have to pick up your own food and bus your table… or you may not.  Stop in the shop and pick up some fresh bread made in their wood oven.

Schwabengarten- Biergarten/German

Huge seasonal biergarten in Leinfelden.  Very popular with Americans and Germans alike.  Self-service, kid friendly, and fair prices.  Plenty of free parking for cars and bikes.  They have outside tables with and without umbrellas and a covered area.  I also saw an indoor area, but no one was sitting in it.  That must be for rainy days.  Great ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, along with the usual biergarten fare.


Gastronomiewelt Glemstal- German BBQ

We visited this restaurant connected to a sportsplatz when someone suggested their ribs.  When we got to the restaurant, it turned out that they only offer ribs on certain days.  They have a smoker, though, so you can take your pick of smoked delicacies.  I recommend joining their Facebook page to find out when they have certain popular menu items.  We had a perfectly good lunch there anyway… and they have a pleasant biergarten for when the weather is nice.


Cafe barOn- Cafe/German/Italian/salads and soups

This is a popular spot on the main square in Ludwigsburg.  There’s a nice area for sitting outside as well as a bustling indoor dining room.  The menu has lots of salads, sandwiches, and a few soups available, as well as a couple of pasta dishes.  I think they offer daily specials which are reasonably priced and well prepared.  It seems like more of a bar/cafe than a full scale restaurant.

Emporio Bar- Italian

Pleasant Italian restaurant on the main drag through Ludwigsburg.  Has an impressive bar and the kitchen stays open all day, so you can pop in for a late lunch.  Food is pretty good and the prices are fair.

Jambo African Restaurant- African

I got turned on to this restaurant by a fellow American who sang its praises.  It’s a great place for African cuisine and wines.  Last time we were there, Bill feasted on ostrich, while I enjoyed a chicken and peanut dish.  We are due for another trip to Ludwigsburg soon and it may be time for another shot of African cuisine.

Reina Grillhaus- Turkish

This restaurant is near the big mall in Ludwigsburg.  The food is very good and reasonably priced.  During our visit, the dining room was packed with satisfied customers.  I highly recommend it for Turkish cuisine.  Reina has moved since we last ate there, but it’s still close to the mall.

La Signora Moro- Italian

We’ve eaten at this restaurant several times, but I have yet to write a proper review of it.  The post I linked to has pictures of their food, which has always been uniformly good.  On a nice day, you can sit in the biergarten and watch goings on in Ludwigsburg.  It can be a lot of fun on a Saturday when people are getting married or the market is going on.

Lavazza- Greek/coffeebar/cafe

Lovely Greek/Mediterranean food just outside the main square in Ludwigsburg.  The dining room is a bit small, but they have several large tables, as well as a few two tops.  Although I had gyros during my first visit, they seem to specialize in fish.  Next time we go there, I’m going to try something that swims!

Pizzeria Permesso- Italian/pizza

Pizzeria on Ludwigsburg’s market square that offers wood fired Italian pizzas, pastas, meat, and fish dishes.  Beautifully presented food and probably the best Tagliatelle Salmone I’ve ever eaten.

Sam Kullman’s Diner- American diner

American style diner near the train station.  Lots of burgers, ribs, and snacks.  Full bar, shakes, desserts, and breakfast.  Seems popular with young people.  We tried the ribs and liked them.

Towers Irish Pub- Irish pub

Located in a corner on the big square in Ludwigsburg, this charming Irish pub offers standard pub grub.  It’s worth a visit for the food and beer, but also for the beautiful woodwork inside, which was imported from churches in England.  Children’s menu is available.


Anno 1897- Greek

Great Greek place right next to the train station.  They have very good Greek food, flammkuechen, and barbecue.  There’s a biergarten and entertainment for kids (books).  Friendly wait staff and a small parking area for guests.

Ristorante La Piazzetta- Italian

We had a really pleasant meal al fresco at this restaurant last summer.  It was very busy, so the service was a little slow.  However, the food was very good and reasonably priced.  There are a few parking spots located nearby, though we were staying at a local hotel, so we walked.

Lindenhof Gasthaus- German

Super cute German gasthaus across the street from the Flora Hotel, which is where Bill and I spent our first week back in Germany.  They offer traditional German food there that appeared to be somewhat upscale.  A children’s menu is available.

Il Cappuccino Feinkost- Italian

I have fond memories of this restaurant if only because when we got there, I was so hangry I was about to die.  We had a beautiful Italian meal and some good wine and all was good in my world again.  I don’t think they have a working Web site and we haven’t been back since last year, but I would definitely dine there again if the opportunity presented itself.

Osteria Tra-Noi- Italian

I didn’t get the greatest impression of this restaurant, though it was usually pretty busy during our brief stay at the Flora Hotel.

Patrick’s Stop: Jamaican Eat In & Take Away- Jamaican/Soul Food

Awesome Jamaican food and plenty of free parking!  Patrick’s offers daily specials, as well as a couple of dishes that are always available.  A really nice change of pace from the usual restaurant offerings in these parts.  The Jamaican Jerk chicken is very spicy and may be just what the doctor ordered for spice lovers.  Highly recommended!  Note- I have heard that Patrick’s is closing, but I’ve also heard it’s moving back to its original location in Mohringen.  ETA: As of March 29, 2017, Patrick’s Stop is back in Mohringen.


Alte Post- German/Swabian/International

Really nice restaurant right on the main square in Nagold.  Pricey and very good food.  Nice place for a date night.  Alte Post is now CLOSED.

Burg- German

Very nice gasthof with traditional German dishes.  The trout is amazing!

China Pavillon– Chinese

Beautifully decorated Asian restaurant with a broad array of Chinese dishes.  Good service and very fair prices.  Full bar.

City Imbiss- Pizza/doner kebab

Inexpensive snack bar that offers pizza and doner kebab, as well as beer and wine.  Always smells delicious!  Good food and service.

Fellini’s Ristorante- Italian

Italian restaurant that offers pizza, pasta, and a wide range of fish and beef dishes.  If you hate mushrooms, make sure to tell them.  They seem to use them liberally.  Otherwise, it’s a very nice place.

Hotel Adler- German
This restaurant is part of a hotel.  The dining room is beautiful and the food is very typical German fare.  We went on a scorching hot day and sweated through lunch, though they do have an outdoor area.

Il Due- Italian

Small Italian restaurant right off the main square in Nagold.  Has pizza, pasta, and specials.  Nice bar area.  It’s a good idea to make reservations for popular times as it’s a well known and loved restaurant.  It’s often packed when we pass it.  Pleasant service, though not especially speedy.

La Meo- Italian (pizza and pasta)

Inexpensive cafe/bar/bistro next to the Edeka in Nagold.  Convenient, casual, and kid friendly.  The pizza is very good.  Worth a stop if you’re shopping or staying at the nearby Ibis.

Longwy- German biergarten

Nice bar and restaurant next to the river in Nagold.  Awesome place to people watch.  The menu is somewhat limited, but they have pasta, flammkuechen, salads, and schnitzel.

Luz Bistro Bar- International/fish/steaks

Affiliated with the Alte Post, which appears to much more formal.  We haven’t tried the Alte Post since the change, but we have eaten at Luz Bistro Bar several times and enjoyed each time.  There is a kid’s menu.  Luz Bistro is now CLOSED.

Olive- Greek

This restaurant is located on the road toward the Black Forest.  It offers a nice Biergarten, good Greek food, and a play area for your kids.  You get plenty for your money and free parking to boot.

Osteria da Gino – Italian (not pizza)

Gino offers a great experience.  Bill and I have been to his restaurant several times since the spring and we’ve never had a menu.  We just let Gino feed us and he never disappoints.  We took my mom to his place in July and had a great time.  It’s an Italian restaurant, but don’t go there looking for pizza.

Panorama Eiscafe and Pizzeria- Italian (pizza, pasta, salads, and ice cream)

Pleasant Italian eatery that offers pizza, pasta, salads, and ice cream.  Friendly service and very impressive ice cream creations.  Reasonable prices and kid friendly.  Great place to people watch if you sit outside.  If you get ice cream to go, you aren’t allowed to sit at a table.

Provinciale- Italian (pizza and pasta)

Basic pizza and pasta restaurant and eis cafe.  Kid friendly and right on the main square in Nagold.  Reasonable prices.  Interior smells great, or at least it did when we were there.

Taverne Mykonos- Greek

This is a popular Greek restaurant in Nagold, located very close to Gino’s.  The night we visited, it was pretty busy.  Reservations may be a good idea.  The food is very good, though the service was a little slow the night we visited.

Tapinos- Spanish (tapas)

Adorable tapas bar situated next to the river.  Nice wines available and tequila.  Lots of different Spanish tapas available a la carte, or you can order the special, which is five different tapas for twenty two euros a person.  We found this place a nice change of pace from German, Italian, and Greek food.

Waldhorn- Italian

Local favorite Italian place, with lots of pizza, pasta, meat, and fish dishes.  Good food at reasonable prices.  Friendly wait staff.  Worth a stop.


Wirtshaus Garbe- German biergarten

Great biergarten not far from Kelley Barracks.  Traditional German food and plenty of beer on tap.


Fischzucht Zordel- Fish (trout)

Delightful trout farm near Pforzheim (Neuenbürg/Eyachtal) where you can have fresh fish, yummy soup, and beer.  When you’re finished eating, you can feed the trout who are waiting their turn to be processed.  Very fun spot for kids and very economical.  Plenty of parking and you may even want to take some fish home for later.


Alte Statione- Pizza, pasta, steaks

Nice little restaurant in this town east of Stuttgart.  Offers pizza, pasta, steaks, and drinks at fair prices.  Good service and rooms to rent.


Seeheiner Cafe and Gasthof- German biergarten

Very cool biergarten in Seewald.  Overlooks the lake and has a revolving outdoor seating area that rotates very slowly.  Excellent German food!  Try the trout or the schweinebraten.  Both are absolutely delicious!  Very kid friendly, though not really vegetarian friendly.


Corners- Burgers/Steaks/Cocktails

Very American friendly burger place in the heart of downtown Sindelfingen.  Good burgers and service, although we happened to be there when there was an apparent shortage of paper products.

3 Mohren- Turkish/ Sunday brunch buffet

Stylish Turkish restaurant that offers a popular brunch buffet on Sundays.  Full bar and nice selection of Turkish wines.  Fresh Turkish food, straight from the grill, and a nice outdoor terrace for pleasant days.

Funzel- German

Nice family friendly German restaurant in the old part of Sindelfingen.  Good place for your favorite local dishes.  Was very crowded on our first visit, but the food was good and the beer was cold.

Gaststätte SchützenHaus- German

Great place to go for inexpensive eats, especially at lunch time.  German and Swabian favorites, kid friendly, dog friendly, vegetarian friendly, and they’ll give you smaller portions if you ask.

Göktas- Turkish/Buffet

No frills Turkish cafe and restaurant.  Alcohol free, good food, very casual, and kid friendly.  Inexpensive.  Nice change of pace and very popular with Turkish people.

Miyo- Asian

Asian “soul food” restaurant located at Breuningerland.  Offers sushi, Chinese food, Thai food, and Cambodian.  Not bad, especially if you’re in a hurry.  Also not particularly special.

Paulaner Bar Sindelfingen– German

Cozy, dimly lit beer bar across from the Stern Center.  Offers free parking in a garage and participates in the Nettle Toilette program.  Offers inexpensive, typically German food and Paulaner beers.


Sindlinger Hof- El Greco- Greek

Beautiful restaurant across the street from the Sindlinger Schloss and horse farm.  Good food and decent service.  There’s nothing else to Sindlingen, but this is worth a stop if you’re passing through and it’s open.


Grüner Baum- French

Great restaurant on the main drag in Tailfingen.  The daily menu is a great deal– four courses for under 25 euros a person!  Unique food for the area, freshly prepared, excellent service, and very kid and pet friendly!  Parking can be a challenge and you should call ahead if you want to eat outside and require the non smoking area.  English is spoken, too!  We will be back for sure.


Afrika Bar und Restaurant- African (Ethiopia and Eritrea)

Nice restaurant near the university that serves authentic Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine.  Great place for ostrich and, if you have time, a traditional Ethiopian coffee service.  Good South African wines available, too.  Reasonable prices and good prices.

Alte Kunst- Italian

Great place for dorade or fresh pasta.  Right on the hill on the way to Tuebingen’s main plaza by the Rathaus.  Good service and offers a fine place for people watching.

Die Kelter- International

I love this cool restaurant in Tübingen.  It’s located near the big parking garage at the university clinic.  There’s a separate bar area as well as a restaurant that pretty much has something offered non-stop.  The food is very good and so is the service, but be prepared to hike to the bathroom.

Die Kicher Erbse- Middle Eastern/Vegetarian/Imbiss

Delicious falafel and hummus place.  Food is very inexpensive, though there’s not many options for sitting down in the restaurant.  Very tasty food, popular with students and fit people.

El Chico- Mexican

First thing’s first.  El Chico doesn’t offer authentic Mexican food.  It’s German style Mexican food.  If you want authentic Mexican food, you will be disappointed.  Bill and I have eaten at El Chico twice and found the food edible, if not missing a certain something in the translation.  The restaurant offers a great view of the Neckar River and outdoor seating.  If German style Mexican food doesn’t appeal, you can always visit the Neckarmueller downstairs.

Forelle Weinstube- German

A very quaint, homey, cozy, traditional restaurant not far from the big church and the Rathaus.  Very good food, kind service, and a nice selection of wines.  Seems to be popular with locals.  Reservations may be a good idea if you want to go for dinner during the weekend.

Krumme Brücke- German/International/Steak/cheap eats

This is a little hole in the wall that serves a variety of dishes, everything from steaks to gyros.  Seating is limited; service is a bit slow; but prices are very fair and there’s no pause between lunch and dinner.  I would avoid the gyros if you have your heart set on Greek style.  The German food appears to be pretty good.

La Cantinella- Italian

Very nice Italian place right by the Neckar River.  We ate there several times last time we lived here and finally made it back in late January 2017.  Pasta dishes, specials, fish, meats… no pizza, though.  Lots of good wines.

Laf Laf- Middle Eastern/fast food

Awesome cheap Middle Eastern food at this little hole in the wall near the Konig Parkhaus.  Vegetarian friendly and you can get lots of food for very little money.  Alcohol free establishment.  Open daily and does delivery.

Lustnauer Mühle- Italian

Pleasant Italian restaurant in a residential part of Tübingen.  Has a wood pizza oven and offers pasta, fish, and meat dishes.  No official wine list, but several bottles are available for purchase.  Had a nice vibe until we got stared down by a rude woman who kept glaring at us.  Service is good.

Neckarmueller- German biergarten

I love to visit the Neckarmueller on sunny days and sit in the biergarten.  But when the weather sucks, they have a nice indoor restaurant with large portions.  The food is good and so is the beer, which is your typical German variety.  It’s a great place to bring guests who want a biergarten experience.

Osteria da Michele- Italian

Cozy Italian place not too far from Vinum, one of my favorite booze stores.  Good pasta, reasonable prices, and friendly service.  When we visited, they had perfumes in the bathroom.  Fancy!

Pizzeria da Vito- Italian

Small, family owned place on the street leading away from the big parking garage near the clinic.  We used to eat there often the first time we were in Germany, but have only been back once since coming back.  They have good pizza and pasta, though I have had better dorade elsewhere.  This restaurant is now closed– it’s now a Greek restaurant called Olive.

Ratskeller- Burgers, German food, pasta, vegan/vegetarian

Casual restaurant that offers a lot of burgers, many of which cater to vegans and vegetarians.  They also have some German specialties and specials that include pasta, salad, and soup.  Seems to be a popular hangout for college kids.  Hosts music events.  Good craft beer and wines available.

Refugio- Fancy German cuisine/hotel

Lovely upscale restaurant at Hotel La Casa, a five star boutique spa hotel.  We had a fantastic date night there.  Service was impeccable and the food was excellent.  Highly recommended.

Restaurant Rosenau- French/Schwabish/German

Nice restaurant on the outskirts of Tübingen.  Very good service, somewhat formal, though you don’t necessarily have to dress up to eat there.  Good place for a date night, though may be more appealing to older folks.  Restaurant is connected to a hotel.

Gaststätte Stern- Italian

Cute little Italian place right next door to Vinum.  Good food and charming interior, but service was a little slow when we visited and they ran out of a few specials.  It was very crowded, though.  Don’t go there looking for pizza.  I didn’t see it listed on the menu.

Wurstkuche- German

Great place for sausage.  Our first German landlord took us there for dinner on Thanksgiving Day in 2007.  It’s a good place for German fare, beer, and German charm.  I once had a delicious duck special there, too.


The Auld Rogue- Irish bar

Popular with Americans and other English speakers, the Auld Rogue is a great place to go for sandwiches, fish n’ chips, and the odd special.  They have a nice selection of Irish suds as well as whiskey, whisky, and other alcoholic stuff.  There’s always a game on or live entertainment… I’ve even heard they have karaoke sometimes.  If I lived closer, I’d probably be there all the time!

Chilli’s- Mexican “Tex-Mex”

Located in the space that used to house Neuer Ochsen, Chill’s is a chain restaurant that opened in June 2016.  The food is not bad, though it probably won’t make you miss American style Mexican food less.  Service is friendly and prices are reasonable.  They did a good job on my mixed drinks.  Chilli’s is NOW CLOSED.

Daily Burger- fast food/burgers/wings

Small restaurant offering beef, chicken, and veggie burgers and fries.  The fries and buns are delicious.  Food is made to order.  Not too bad for German burgers, but it doesn’t make me miss Five Guys less.

Holzkrug- German (chicken)

Like roasted chicken?  This is a great little place to go to on the main drag through Vaihingen.  It’s a cozy little place that offers good German food.  But seriously, I go for the chicken.  It’s to die for!

King’s Palace- Asian

Decent Chinese and Thai food.  Located next to the Schwaben Gallerie on the main drag in Vaihingen.  Lots of choices and reasonable prices.

La Cocina Mexicana- Mexican

Mexican restaurant run by a South African guy with a reputation.  We thought the food was okay and the service was good.  Rumor has it that the owner is not a fan of kids and is very outspoken.  We met him and yes, he’s outspoken and blunt.  But in all honesty, we weren’t displeased.  True Mexican food fans may be disappointed, but we weren’t.  This location is closed as of 2018, however the owner is reopening in Möhringen.  This is the new contact info.   

Richterstr. 23, 70567, Stuttgart – Möhringen, Germany

Tel/ WhatsApp: +49 172 711 9806

Email: houstonsfbc@gmail.com

Mikomi Sushi and Grill- Japanese/sushi

Sushi and grill that has taken the space that once housed Neuer Ochsen and Chilli’s.  Located next to the Schwaben Galerie.  Very good food and an excellent value, particularly their Bento Box deals.  Good service, too.

Neuer Ochsen- German

This was a favorite spot for Bill and me the first time we lived in Germany.  We still like to visit for good beer and hearty German fare.  It’s located right next to the Schwaben Galerie, which makes it super convenient.  I like the “fitness salad”, which doesn’t seem all that “fit” between you, me, and the fencepost.  Neuer Ochsen is NOW CLOSED.

Wirtshaus Drive Biergarten- German/Pizza/Pasta

Recently beautifully renovated restaurant in Vaihingen with a nice sportsbar atmosphere.  Kids menu available and limited parking.  Biergarten out back.  Service is a little slow, but food is decent and plentiful.  Lots of Germans were there when we visited, enjoying the football game.  It’s a comfortable place to watch it.


Restaurant Waldachtal- Buffet/ Brazilian Steakhouse

If you like buffets, you could visit the Restaurant Waldachtal in the Black Forest town by the same name.  On Saturday nights, they have a huge “American” buffet, all you can eat for 18 euros.  On Friday nights, they have a “Brazilian Steakhouse” night.  It’s noisy, but you can eat all you want for little money.  Reserve first.


Gasthof Krone-  German/French

Wonderful dinner spot.  Reservations are a must.  Bring cash or an EC card, though in a pinch they can handle credit cards.  Food is very sophisticated and imaginatively prepared and presented.  Not a kid friendly place, though there were a couple of them there on our first visit.  Expensive, but worth it, in my opinion.

Ritter Sport Factory Cafe- Breakfast, coffee, cake

Great place to eat breakfast, especially on the weekends.  I recommend reservations because it appears to be a favorite spot for Germans to come on Sundays.  They offer breakfast all day, as well as coffee, cake, beer, and wine.  They have non breakfast options, too.  Free parking.

Weil der Stadt

Samowar- Russian

In the mood for something different?  Head over to Samowar and have some blinis, stuffed peppers, and borscht!  Prices are fair, food is delicious and different, and the inside of the restaurant is tiny, but charming.  We loved it!


Talblick Gourmetrestaurant- Fine dining

Superb fine dining restaurant offering tasting menus.  Reservations are a must.  Part of a hotel and there is also a more traditional restaurant with an a la carte menu available.  Plenty of free parking and accepts credit cards.  The gourmet restaurant is not very kid friendly, though the main restaurant looks like kids are easily accommodated.  Highly recommended!


Triple B Burgers- Burgers

Great burgers!  Parking can be a challenge and there may be big crowds because the burgers are truly outstanding.  If you go for dinner, I recommend booking ahead.  Today’s burger was the closest I’ve had to an American style burger since we’ve been in Germany.  Well worth a trip.  Triple B Burgers has moved since I reviewed it.  There are three locations.  One is in Stuttgart, one is in Esslingen, and the other is in Zuffenhausen.


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